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  1. Very funny! Maybe instead of a boomerang, spiderman webs that shoot out of our hands? Can you imagine the applications- don’t eat that, don’t touch that, don’t run there, who would need car seat/ stroller buckles anymore? Also it would be self cleaning.
    Also, I love the back seat window idea, but what about partitions between the kids too? This would stop the- Joey hit / touched/pinchedme mum!
    I would like a sock sorter and clothes put away machine, and why not really go for the moon- a magic clothes iron machine!
    Good to see some humor with parenting- who’s perfect?

  2. Hollie, you are hilarious! If you ever find a company to build these inventions, please tell us! I’ll be the first to purchase them! Let me add, I enjoy watching your videos so much. They were extremely helpful when finding a new stroller for my 15-months-old. Plus, I’m German (hence the bad English, sorry) and I love getting to know all the products that are available in the U.S. I’ll be making sure to buy some of your picks on our next family vacation in America. I love your site! Thanks so much for your inspirations and advice!

  3. Instead of a boomerang, what about a tranquilizer gun? That way they don’t run in the street, and you get a few extra minutes to yourself before they wake up! Just kidding. The invention I would want would be one that would help my 2.5 year old hide on his own, when he wants to play hide and seek, so maybe it would be a little fun for me. It’s not fun when I have to help him hide under the pillows and then pretend I have no clue where he is and find him 🙂

  4. I really want a car seat that would buckle itself! it would adjust the chest clip and everything it could even hold down the child who chooses not to sit at that moment!

  5. Holly, you crack me up. I am sure all mom’s dream about having a magic wand just like I do. I always say that I won’t use it to become filthy rich or anything like that. It will be a magic wand just to zap in each room to magically clean it so that I don’t have to every day. Day after day after day after day after day.

  6. We have 7 kids 12,11,5,4,3,14 months and 4 months, we’ve been wanting the taxi window since number 2!

  7. HILARIOUS!!! I have so many products that could never exist. I would love to invent a product that straps a baby/kid down to cut their finger and toe nails. Yes, I am aware it would look like an execution chair, but my baby was NEVER one that slept when their nails were cut. I would also like to invent some sort of robot that could safely keep watch of the kids when they are sleeping so you could run to the store that’s only FIVE minutes away for the TWO things that you need that you forgot earlier in the week! Oh, lets just keep going, what about a mechanical device that you could rock your baby to sleep in and this device would effortlessly place them on their backs and NOT wake them up. I would love some sort of covering that would encase the ENTIRE area around the toilet when my son was potty training. Thanks for the honesty, Holly!

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