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  1. Wear what you want to wear, shower if you want to (or have legit time to)… does it matter if Sally from high school sees me in yoga pants and a stained shirt while at the grocery store? No, because who is gonna remember a week from now? Heck, I couldn’t remember what I wore yesterday if it wasn’t laying on the bedroom floor.

    Style is what you make of it. I like my jeans, but I love some good yoga pants. I manage to shower almost everyday and when I don’t, the world doesn’t fall apart, I don’t need to hand out gas masks and febreeze to my kids, and my husband doesn’t even notice unless he looks at my undies (Lights off please!)

    It’s hard to put a lot of effort into looking cute or wearing makeup when you’re a stay at home mom. Yes I’ve gotten rid of more clothes this past year because of holes, stains, and such and its kind of sad. I love shopping but i’m more focused on my kids and hubs. So I”m on the back burner and will wear what I have because at least I have options! That’s what matters at the end of the day, being grateful to have clothes, family, a home, being able to send your kids to school, sports, ballet, cooking a good meal. Not what I happen to pull out of my closet to wear.

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