The most controversial doll of all time?

The most controversial doll of all time?
The most controversial doll of all time?My daughter is sixteen months old and not yet into baby dolls. I suspect it might have something to do with the fact that she prefers attempting off the couch nosedives. Pushing a doll in a cute stroller is way too mellow for my sweet little monster however tons of kids love their babies. I know I did. Playing with dolls is a rite of passage for many however today’s dolls are much different from the dolls from our childhood. They can shake, pee, and have VBACs?


Yes. You read that correctly. There is a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) doll.  Mamamor dolls are an excellent teaching tool for parents and educators. They offer pregnant, birthing, and breastfeeding dolls for sale. The dolls are recommended for children ages three and up. I love that there are dolls that children can play with that do things beside shop at the mall and lounge by the pool but I am not sure how I feel about my young children playing with a VBAC doll. VBACs are a controversial topic amongst adults and I am not confident in my ability to relay the information to my children in an age appropriate manner.


On the one hand I can understand expectant parents wanting to educate their children about the upcoming birth of a sibling, a VBAC is a wonderful thing, but I wonder whether it is necessary to get into heavy detail with a young child. I try my best to keep things as age appropriate for my children as possible. The innocence of childhood is very fleeting and I do not want my children worrying about adult subject matter needlessly.

What do you think? Would you buy your child a VBAC doll?


  1. I think it’s just one step away from dolls showing how babies are made.

    If your kid has questions, answer them, but don’t shove a graphically detailed doll in their face. They have to go to school with other kids, and they go out in public with you – do you really need them dragging a doll giving birth onto the school bus or hear them talk to another little kid in the grocery aisle about where babies come from and what privates look like?

    Yes, it is our parental responsibility to teach them where babies come from, but it’s also our parental responsibility to teach them what is okay to see and do and talk about in public.

  2. I had a VBAC almost five months ago. I am pro-VBAC, but I would not purchase this for my daughter. By the time they are old enough to understand those types of issues, I don’t think they need the visual help of a doll.

  3. I also think its a bit over the top. Like for sure you should educate your children in an age appropriate manner, but for heavens sake, let kids be kids. Dolls should be played with innocently….

  4. I wouldn’t say it’s controversial or wrong but it’s a little on the weird side. Kids are curious but not THAT curious right? I mean do they want ALL the details? But if it’s important to you as a parent to educate your kids, sure, nothing wrong with that. I just don’t see this as a “fun” toy for kids.

  5. this is so wrong on so many levels, a child should have dolls that are for play time, now this doll could be used in a school for health class. but not for a small child to play with. a small child does not need all these details on how a baby is born or made for that matter. if a child wants to know make up something, my mother told me that if i rubbed my belly button with a boy i would get pregnant. no child should know the real truth at a young age!

  6. I think it’s great! All the birthing/breastfeeding dolls ……,, These subjects aren’t weird to kids. It’s us adults who get bent out of shape! Maybe if more kids knew this *normal* life stuff early on, they wouldn’t get offensive or defensive as much later on in life.

  7. While I am not shy about these topics, I do think the doll is overkill. I dont need a doll to explain birth, VBAC or otherwise. Dolls are great for modeling everyday behaviors, birth (for most ppl) isnt an everyday activity (thankfully!).


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