The Movie Maker App Every Parent Will Love

I couldn’t be happier to be a mama living in the digital age of smartphones. Thanks to my phone, I’m able to gather a million memories and relive some of my children’s priceless moments. Usually I’m all about snapping photos, but lately, my littles have been saying the most funny things and I want to capture their sweet phrases and cute pronunciations too! That has led me to start recording movies more often. But, the stock video option on most phones doesn’t come close to capturing fun moments like the One Day movie app does.

one day movie app

One Day is a free app that allows you to record short and sweet movies in an interview style. When you open the app you first select from a variety of question themes. From featured holiday editions (awesome for Mother’s and Father’s Day!) to regular ol’ “about me” options – One Day is full of creative prompts.

Once you have recorded your line up of questions, One Day, melds them all together with music and flawless transitions. It makes each video look super polished! From there you can easily share or save your child’s videos. And, if your kids are anything like mine, you can begin again with another video!

This app is extremely user friendly! I’ve tried a handful of movie apps and One Day wins by far!

one day steps

One Day isn’t just for kids either! There are prompts for adult interviews too so feel free to turn yourself into a movie star and send your spouse or bestie a fun video too!

Download the One Day app here!