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  1. Before getting pregnant I had a proper bra fitting done at Intimacy. It opened my eyes and made a world of difference. Finally my straps stayed up, there was no pinching, no bulging and my girls looked better than ever. Then I got pregnant and everything changed. Now that I am nursing my newborn I have found myself struggling to find the right nursing bra. I was horrified when I went to Pea in a Pod to get “fitted” for a nursing bra and they measured around the widest part of my chest and pronounced that number to be my band size. Since I had been properly fitted years ago, I knew better and fought them on the matter. Of course, then I was on my own trying to find something that fit. It turns out that they don’t carry bras with small band sizes and large cup sizes because, and I quote the salesperson, “when women are pregnant, their rib cages expand, so we don’t carry the smaller band sizes”. Shame on them for such hogwash.

    I am so glad to learn about Breakout Bras and I look forward to putting on some nursing bras that fit right! Thank you for this review and for the discount code!

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