The Other Drones Don’t Count | Behind Baby Gizmo


The Other Drones Don’t Count | Behind Baby Gizmo

It’s time for another Behind Baby Gizmo Weekly Vlog episode! These videos have actually been fun to make and you guys really seem to enjoy seeing behind the scenes in our Baby Gizmo life. We take you outside our typical Baby Gizmo video reviews and show you a whole other side of what goes on in our weekly lives.

This week was another super busy week and there was so much to show and tell you guys, that we did a special edition vlog yesterday too! Yes, we committed to once a week vlogs but I never said we would do bonus episodes for when major things happen like a ride in the World’s Biggest Stroller!

So, not to waste any of your time since the vlogs are usually around 10 minutes…let’s get to it.



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