The Peek Away 4-in- 1 Essentials Nursing Kit

The Peek Away 4 – in – 1 Nursing Kit is a product I recently came across that claims it helps women nurse in public while on the go. It is all of the following rolled into one- a nursing pillow, a nursing cover, a changing pad and a handbag, and retails for $43.95. What more could a woman want while out and about? I decided to put it to the test.

The bag is beautifully packaged, making it a great gift for someone. However, once I took it out, I was hit by a strong odor- I believed it was the plastic fabric of the changing pad. Although the company is an American company started by a couple with children, the product is made in China. So I contacted them via their website and received this email:

“Thank you for contacting us about your concern. Our manufacture did the production of our pillow kits right after the fabric was produced. They then packaged & sent them in a concealed container for their journey to the USA. They just need a bit of time to air our. You can always just wash it right away as well. I also would like to put your mind at ease, all the fabric use during this production was sent to a CPSIA accredited lab for testing. If there was any issues with the dies or the fabric it wouldn’t have passed. We wish our manufacture would have slowed down a bit during production, I think it would have made a huge difference on the whole product. We have currently let them go and have been in talks with a new manufacture that I’m sure will produce a much better product in time.”

So they state that it is the fabric smell and they are changing manufacturers.

I will now go into the specifics of the four parts of the bag, and my opinion.

The Handbag


  • Subtle pockets to place keys, a cell phone and other small necessities inside
  • Adjustable, detachable strap
  • Measures 13″ x 6″ x 4.5″

It looks very cute, the prints are fun and it’s very lightweight. The material is a little thin, but I appreciate that it’s light for someone who is also trying to carry a baby. The pockets are strategically placed so you can reach them easily. However, there are a couple of loose threads, something I did not appreciate. I have taken a photo of the pockets sizing, so you can see there are two that my Blackberry phone has got lost in, showing that they have good room for keys, change, cards and a cell phone. The strap is easily adjustable and detachable.

The two pockets in the bag


Travel Pillow


  • pillow height provides just the right amount of support for baby’s head and body to ensure comfort
  • adjustable, detachable strap can be used to go around the mother’s waist to hold the pillow in place while nursing
  • adjustable strap measures 14″ – 27″ (may not fit all waists when used as the waist strap)
  • measures 13″ x 6″ x 4.5″

This is small, light, and transportable, and it easily folds in and out of the handbag. What a great idea! I know many mothers will appreciate this as their babies need some help with positioning while nursing, and they are forced to carry around their Boppy or Brest Friend. My toddler is too old for me to test this, so a friend of mine whose baby is 7 months tried it and loved it! Bravo Peek Away!

No-Peek Nursing Cover

  • viewing window at the top to maintain eye contact with baby during nursing and ensure a good latch
  • oval shape to help provide mom with the extra privacy
  • adjustable, detachable strap with metal clasps
  • two minky pockets that act as a burp cloth
  • cotton/polyester blend
  • measures 26.5″ x 34″

This part I’m not so thrilled about. The cover is narrower at the top (where your breasts are) and wider at the bottom (where the baby is). It really does not cover much, and the viewing window is so wide you can pretty much see everything. I will not be using this cover, as it, sadly, doesn’t do the job. I have simply removed their cover and put my own in it. The adjustable straps for the nursing cover are the same straps that you would use to secure the nursing pillow around your waist, so keep in mind that if you want to use the nursing cover, you cannot use the strap around the pillow- it’s one or the other. You would need to place the pillow somewhere comfortable without having it secured to you.

Convertible Changing Pad, Wipe Case, and Diaper Storage


  • 3-panel, cushioned change pad measures 25″ x 13″ x 1″
  • removable white plastic wipes case and pocket measures 8″ x 5.5″
  • magnetic closure storage pocket measures 4″ x 6″

The changing pad is long and well padded (given that it is also the travel pillow) and hence great to use on the go. The wipes case is a simple plastic case which has an opening for easy access, and I managed to fit a cloth diaper into the diaper section which is great.


Overall, I would suggest two changes to the manufacturers: to redesign the nursing cover as it really doesn’t cover anything and to use materials for the case and fabric that are of a higher quality. Other than that, I love the concept, and I think this is a great purchase for women on the go who want something easy and light instead of a diaper bag, especially for a mom who needs a pillow to help them nurse.

Buy the Peek Away 4-in-1 Essentials Nursing Kit HERE