The Perfect Time for A Baby Shower … BRUNCH!

It was a crisp July morning almost three years ago. I could smell the faint whisper of fresh cut flowers and warm scones as I shimmied into a pair of maternity skinnies that were beginning to feel a bit too skinny for my growing belly. Today was the day of my baby shower. The one my best friend and sisters were hosting.

Baby showers are the ultimate party to honor an expectant mama and her precious baby. A time to laugh and eat. A time to share wisdom and stories. With the freshness of a new baby, what better time to celebrate than the start of a new day. A brunch baby shower fits the bill and, in my opinion, is the perfect time to host a gathering.

brunch shower Collage

First with a brunch baby shower, food plans are a breeze. At my shower we had fresh fruit and berries, mini scones and muffins and sparkling orange juice. I have also attended a brunch shower with a waffle bar where everyone started with their base waffle and added toppings galore. Quiche is another great option.

Second, with a brunch shower at 9 or 10 am, guests are able to come, celebrate and then get on with their day. Or, get their own babies and toddlers home in time for nap and therefore, avoiding the mid-afternoon slump.

Third, pregnant mamas tend to start the day off strong and go downhill from there. At least I did. My energy was high in the mornings, I was happy, the heartburn hadn’t set in. Hence, mornings in and of themselves were a celebration. While pregnant, I definitely looked fondly upon a morning get together rather than something I had to stay awake for in the afternoon!

So, what do you think? Are brunch baby showers a win? Have you hosted one, attended one, had one in your honor? Tell me about your experience!