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  1. I was wondering if you are planning a review of the Navigator. I’ve been looking for a thorough review and have yet to find one. Hopefully you have one in the works?!

  2. Hi, first of all, can I say thank you for your thorough videos on strollers! They have been so helpful. I have been looking at this stroller but can not test it locally. Are you going to be featuring a video of it any time soon? I am a little worried that the recline features on the main chair are cumbersome, but otherwise it would be exactly what we are looking for when baby #2 arrives.

  3. My children are 2 1/2 years apart, so we assumed that our older daughter would walk once our younger one was born, and the baby would ride in our stroller. After an entire summer of carrying the baby and letting my oldest sit in the stroller when she tired of walking, I decided to give my back a break this year and invest in a double stroller. With my now four-year-old, a side-by-side wasn’t a good option, because she’s big and also likes to hop in and out often. We bought the Sit-N-Stand because they sold it locally at Target, but I had to return it because it was like pushing a train. I’m not a big person, and a 30 pound, long, clunky stroller plus sixty pounds of kids was just too much for me. I returned it. I had tried a friend’s Joovy, but now I knew that lighter weight and easier steering were critical when you’re pushing two kids. The Caboose Ultralight fits the bill. It turns easily and tightly, and the distance between the front and back wheels is shorter than on the Sit-N-Stand, so it doesn’t feel like a train. It’s also ten pounds lighter (whew!). Both my kids like it just fine, and the sun canopy actually covers them both (others didn’t).

    If you’re looking for a tandem but worried about paying the extra hundred bucks over the Sit-N-Stand (or even the extra $70 over the regular Joovy), I would say it’s worth it. Sure, it looks similar to the other two, but it is just so much easier to use. Plus–let’s face it–the design and color are just so much cooler than the Sit-N-Stand. Go for it. I was glad I did.

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