The Post Baby Beauty Pageant

I can’t pinpoint exactly when this phenomenon began but I have had it with the scrutinizing of women’s post birth bodies. It seems that almost every celebrity who gives birth appears on a magazine donning a bikini within weeks of giving birth. Why? What is the point (besides selling magazines)?

We are aware that celebrities are not like us and have resources at their disposal most people can only dream of – yet we compare ourselves to these women and hold ourselves up to impossible standards of physical perfection. It is terrible enough that the constant barrage of photoshopped images has skewed our view of what is normal and beautiful but the fact that it has infiltrated a time previously reserved for postpartum healing and newborn bonding upsets me more. Is no time period in a woman’s life safe from the scrutiny of her outward appearance?

Why are we publicly celebrating women for losing their post baby weight? It is a vain and inconsequential accomplishment in comparison to the fact that someone just created and birthed a human being. Life as a new mother is tough so why does society pile on the added pressure of a post baby beauty pageant? Looking good is nice. I love that I have a few pictures of myself post baby where I don’t look like Sasquatch. It feels great but there is a time and place for everything. This is a sacred and fleeting time for a woman. Let’s stop buying magazines and watching television that encourages this behavior. There is no race. Take your time and bond with your baby. We aren’t judging you. Oh, and if someone asks you when you are due immediately post baby, you are welcome to kick them in the shins.