The pregnant mom’s beauty box: five items to stock up on!

I don’t know about you but once I found out I was pregnant again, not only did I stop doing those grueling Pure Barre workouts (great for post-baby!) because it was way too much AB work for one to handle but I also changed my beauty routine. While all my beauty products are safe, I like to take extra precautions while expecting to insure that none of those nasty parabens and chemicals are floating around my beauty products let alone my unborn baby. We rub our bellies with goo and soak our tired toesies in those nail salon tubs — it’s all in the name of beauty but one can’t be too careful either.

Here’s a look at my top five beauty products that no Mama should be without because well…it will make you look and feel beautiful naturally, of course!

Okay, I actually used this one before I was pregnant but it’s the nail polish that every expecting mom should take with her to the nail salon as it’s “3 free” of the ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetone and heavy metals. Not to mention that the colors are AMAZING! Scotch Naturals Water Colors, $14.99, at

Seriously, the one thing I always want more than anything when pregnant is a foot and leg rub. After a few hours on your feet, your poor limbs are so tired from all that extra weight you’re carrying. From now on in my pregnancy beauty box (post-pregnancy too) is Lucky Legs by Mama Mio, $19.50, at Not only does it easy my fear of varicose veins but it also provides an extra incentive for the hubby to give me a foot and leg rub…well, maybe not but at least my feet and legs feel better!

Raise your hand if you’ve experienced dry, itchy skin on the belly while pregnant? ME! For some reason the skin getting stretched so rapidly makes it itchy and prone to those lovely red marks that we refer to as “stretch marks.” While some women escape them entirely, others like me, aren’t so lucky. Definitely rub your buddha daily with Bella B Tummy Honey Butter, $19.99, at

Did someone say they have saggy boobs? Oh, yes…that would be ME again! I know it’s the force of gravity working against me but I’ll try anything, anything to get these girls back to their natural habitat. I generously rub Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Bust Firming Massage Cream, $6.99, at, daily all over anything that looks the least bit out of place!

Don’t take chances whether the sun is brightly shining or hiding behind rain clouds, always keep your face protected with an SPF. I prefer to do it all in one with a moisturizer, SPF and cover-up all in one with the Juice Beauty Mineral Moisturizer SPF 30, $29, at It’s the perfect addition to any mom’s beauty box — pregnant or not!