The Quinny Zapp Gets a Giant Makeover – Meet Zapp Xtra

Do you love the Quinny Zapp but just wish it had a reclining seat for when naptime hits?  Good news, Quinny has made your wish come true with their huge makeover of the Zapp  to make it the Zapp Xtra.  (Yes, the Zapp Xtra is replacing the original Zapp!)

The Zapp Xtra is the Zapp (we’ll call it “Original” from here!) we love but with a reclining AND (get this!!) reversible seat!  Plus, it sports a bigger canopy, accommodates an infant car seat and holds a rider up to 50 lbs.  There are a couple drawbacks to all that glory though– it’s a bit heavier (19 lbs vs the 13 lbs of the original) and you have to remove the seat to fold it.

The seat on the Zapp Xtra is large and easily fit our 19 month old and our 4 year old testers.  The seat is 13” wide with a 22” seatback and a measurement of 24” from seatback to canopy.  It has an adjustable, padded, 5-point harness that sports a buckle that is easy for mom but tricky for our naughty toddlers to undo.  Love that!

We also love that the new reclining seat has a one-handed button on the back that reclines the seat to three different positions:  upright, halfway back and fully reclined.  Similar to other luxury strollers, the entire seat reclines back as one piece.  And if adding the seat recline wasn’t enough, Quinny took the Zapp a step further and gave it a reversible seat. Now, your little rider can look at you when he is young or out at the world.  The seat is easy to reverse and has two recline positions when parent-facing:  halfway back and fully reclined.  Note:  the seat does not sit upright in the parent-facing position.

Now, you’re probably all giggly about the reclining and reversible seat, right?  That’s not all!  Now, the Zapp Xtra has a larger canopy!  We are talking twice-the-size-of-the-Original-LARGE!!!  We are excited about it too!  The canopy has a narrow viewing window on the back to see in at your child and the window extends down the sides of the canopy so that your child can see out when the canopy is fully extended.

The separate handlebars are not adjustable but they are taller measuring about 39-40” from the ground to handlebar depending on where you place your hands.  As with all strollers without adjustable handlebars, if you are super tall, you will want to try it out first.

The basket will hold a small to medium diaper bag, a couple shopping bags or other baby essentials. The basket is tricky to access from the back of the stroller but don’t worry because it can easily be accessed from the sides.

The Zapp Xtra rolls on 6” rubber wheels.  The front wheels are swivel wheels for maximum maneuverability but have the ability to lock straight when the going gets rough.  The rear wheels have a one-step brake system that is flip-flop friendly and easy to do.  Step on the red button to lock and step on the grey button to unlock.  So easy!

The maneuverability on the Zapp Xtra is great!  Not quite as fabulous as the original that just about pushed itself on a smooth surface – but still really good.  We think the extra 6 lbs that the Zapp Xtra is carrying around changed it from the one-finger push of the Original to a one-hand push.  We were still able to zip the Zapp Xtra around on a smooth surface with no problem.  With small wide wheels, the Zapp turns in a dime. Knowing that it’s not an all-terrain stroller, we did find that it can handle bumpy roads, brick streets and small rocks but it might provide a bumpy ride for baby.

Folding the stroller is no problem but it is a three-step process and requires you to remove the seat each time.  To be honest, we miss the fold of the Original because we didn’t have to remove the seat but we love the reversible/reclining seat on the Xtra, so we are torn on the fold.

Once you remove the seat and the frame is folded down, there is a manual locking strap to keep the frame closed.  We would have liked to see an automatic lock to avoid this additional step though.

While the stroller weighs in at 19 lbs which is heavier than the Original, there are two good things about that. You will get extra stability with this stroller which is great for when you use it as a travel system with the included Maxi Cosi infant car seat adapters.  And the extra weight gives the stroller enough stability to hang a light bag or purse on the handles without the entire stroller flipping backwards.  The lightness of the Original wouldn’t allow you to hang anything on the handles even with a child in the seat!  (Note:  Quinny does not recommend hanging anything on the handles!)

The Zapp Xtra is available in Rebel Red, Pink Emily (looks like a salmon color – not our favorite!), Brown Boost, and Rocking Black, comes with a raincover and adaptors for the Maxi Cosi infant carseat and retails for $299. It has some great features and with its huge canopy, large reclining/reversible seat and travel system option, we think that it’s a fabulous stroller for those parents who are always on-the-go or don’t have a lot of room to spare in their trunk for a large stroller.

To watch our full video review of the Quinny Zapp Xtra, click on the video below:

*Thanks to Quinny for sending us the Zapp Xtra to review.

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I have a quinny zapp frame with normal seat,but I want to try this new xtra seat.
Would you please tell me where can I find it in Miami?
Best regards,

Kevin Murdock

Will this work with a chicco key fit 30 carseat???? And what other European stroller will work with them and have car seat adapters????

Amy Finney

If you currently own a zapp, can you buy just the seat? If so when will it be available?
Thanks! 🙂


I’m confused. The Xtra on Quinny’s website is 3 wheeled and has and adjustable footrest. Are they building a different model for the US?


I had a very first Zapp (the one with the single front wheel that was hard to steer) and I’m so glad they have evolved! I know recline and reverse seat is a huge plus but you would think they’d keep the original Zapp for the option to have a compact fold.