The Royal Baby

princess kate bump Growing up my best friend and I were quite smitten with the Royal Family, especially Princess Diana. We bought all the magazines she graced the cover of. We had crushes on her boys and enjoyed watching her wedding video and other Royal documentaries. And you know we had the Princess Di Beanie Baby. Ok, two … one for preservation and another for play. Yes, we wished we had been born British too. That way¬† we would have a chance at marrying into royalty.

We obviously missed the boat with Prince William and who knows when Prince Harry will settle down. Good news is, we found our own Prince Charmings here in America. But, don’t think for one second that has stopped our interest in the fabulous folks across the pond. The latest news on our radar, of course, is Prince William and Princess Kate’s pending baby, due this July. The 13th, if rumors are true. princess kate bump 2

Last week Princess Kate made her final official appearance before beginning her maternity leave. Rumors are that William and Kate don’t know if their wee one is a boy or girl, but they have admitted that they have a short list of names for each. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

I’m placing my bets on a traditional British name seeing that this baby will be in line for the throne, but in case Kate is reading I’m going to toss a few suggestions out there …

BOY … Charles after his dear ol’ grandad or Edward, another family name. Both of which have darling nicknames for his younger years, Charlie and Eddie, but obviously, fit for a king too. I also like the idea of naming him after his dad, but calling him Liam. Graham is another of the British inspired names I adore.

GIRL … Celeste, Imogen and Gemma are my favorite picks for a girl. All are a bit modern, but still with a definite British flair. They seem to fall in line with the feel of Kate’s sister’s name, Pippa, which has to be one of the greatest names out there.

What are your thoughts on the royal baby? Are you due around the same time as Kate?

Curious for more details on the royal pregnancy? Watch Barbara Walter’s 20/20 Special – that’s what I’m off to do as soon as my own little prince and princess are tucked in bed!

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