The Simplisse Double Electric Breastpump — my new best friend!

Breastfeeding is hard work. You forget about how much time it takes, how important it is to get the right latch so you don’t get sore nipples and that the more you feed or pump the more you’ll increase your milk supply. It takes a lot of time and patience. Unfortunately, my five-year-old and almost three-year-old don’t have the patience for feeding time. They have needs too and when they want what they want — THEY WANT IT NOW! The newborn feels the same way, however, she depends on me to give it to her and she only knows how to cry (a little bird cry at that) to let us know. She wants milk — all the time. So what’s a new mom of three to do? Pump, pump and then pump some more.

So now that we’ve established that there’s not a whole lot of time for feeding, the other issue at hand is having enough milk available for when my newborn is hungry. Plain and simple — she’s a lazy eater. She hasn’t latched on right since the beginning and with daily weight checks at the doctor, I could feel my daily milk supply depleting by the minute. That’s when I met my new best friend — the Simplisse Double Electric Breastpump. Not a day goes by since the baby was born that we don’t get up close and personal with each other and it’s always there for me in my time of need. It’s just what this Mom needed to make life a little bit easier to transition to life with three kids and just what my baby needs to make sure there’s plenty of milk available when she’s ready to eat.

Here’s what I’m loving about the Simplisse Breastpump that I haven’t found with others I’ve used before (just forget the manual pumps — those hurt like no other and are so not time efficient):

  • I can pump both sides at the same time making it so it’s only 20 minutes for me to pump vs. 40 minutes doing one side at a time.
  • The cups are soft and flexible making it much more comfortable for me to pump. I’ve used the hard cups on other pumps and its not nearly as comfortable and if you make the wrong move your nipple can get stuck — EEK!
  • While the suction isn’t as strong as a hospital-grade pump, it’s much more gentle and doesn’t tug at your nipple. It’s a great pump for when you first start pumping and breastfeeding so you don’t experience as much soreness as with a stronger pump. You can definitely put it on high mode but I advise to ease into that setting.
  • The pump also comes in a super nice bag that doesn’t look like you’re carrying a pump (must be why the TSA guy at the airport wanted to know what was in it when I sent it through the scanner!).
  • The price is nice at $259.99 (on sale right now!) at — other pumps can set you back $400!
I know breastfeeding is a choice and one shouldn’t complain about the time it takes as there are many more benefits than there are cons like all the antibodies your baby gets from you, the bonding experience and that it’s also free and convenient. So if you’re like me and time is not on your side or your planning heading back to work and need baby to eat from the bottle — go for the Simplisse Double Electric Breastpump and you’ll also have a new best friend that will “let you down easy!”
*Disclosure:  I was sent a Simplisse Double Electric Breastpump to review.  As always, all my opinions, thoughts and comments are my own.