The SPOOKTACULAR countdown is on!

It used to be that only Christmas got the countdown attention during the year but now, you can pretty much countdown to any holiday you want to. What with Halloween costumes already selling out, it’s torture for the kids to let the costume just sit there for over a month not being used with the tags hanging off them (you know…just in case they change their mind on what they want to be). It’s time to get them distracted with a Halloween Countdown Calendar! This way they can know exactly how many days are left until they can wear that costume and get their bags loaded with lots and lots of treats. Plus, it gives you another excuse to buy a decoration!

Here’s a look at my top picks for this year’s SPOOKTACULAR Countdown…now we’re only at 35 days and counting! By the way…how many of you have already decorated for Halloween or do you really wait until October 1st?!

Trees are not just for Christmas anymore! Kids will love pulling out an ornament each day to hang on the black tree, Halloween Countdown Box, $98, at

If you love bunting, you’ll love this Advent-style Countdown to Halloween, $32, at

It’s big and it’s fun! Halloween Countdown Calendar, $19.99 (sale!), at

Are you more of a digital family? Try the Countdown to Halloween Timer, $15.19, at

If you like to get things personalized, you’ll love this Halloween Countdown Calendar, $44.99, at

Need something for a smaller space? Try the Block Calendar Countdown, $25, from Bloom and Barnacle at