The Ultimate, Luxury Stroller for a Man

The Ultimate, Luxury Stroller for a Man

If you thought baby strollers would only appeal to moms, you haven’t seen the Porsche Design P’4911.  That’s right, a Porche stroller! Does it get any cooler than that?!? The Porsche Design P’4911 was designed by Dawid Dawod with the target audience of rich, highly educated males 35+ who are married with one child and looking for a new stroller.  I’m sure a lot of single gals are thinking that target audience sounds mighty nice (besides the old married thing!). 

The P’4911 combines materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, leather, ball-bearing wheels, into a minimal design that folds compact enough to fit into the trunk of any Porsche.  We all have a Porsche, right?!? Oh, maybe not!  Oh well, maybe it will fit in my fancy Honda Accord?

Here is what the Swedish designer said about the creating this unique, luxury stroller:

Three different concepts were considered during the ideation process. The keywords during the development were safety, collapsibility, flexibility and luxury. In the beginning lots of focus was aimed towards making a stroller that would be so collapsible that the user could bring it as hand luggage into a plane cabin. Throughout the ideation process it was found that lots of necessary functions and solutions had to get compromised away due to this idea, therefore the project changed direction.

In the later concepts the goal was to create a high qual­ity stroller that could be durable throughout from the age of 0 to 4. Also factors like storage, adjustability and flexibility in use had to be taken in mind.

I first saw this gem on Yanko Design so I’m not sure when or if this baby is coming out. Stay tuned!




  1. No no no, not silly! ‘making a stroller that would be so collapsible that the user could bring it as hand luggage into a plane cabin.’
    Thank god! Another potential planer stroller other than the ZAPP!
    Oh, how I love you, Porsche!
    It looks like the foot rest goes straight up and flat out too, like the Sola/Bee if you see what I mean, so potentially a travelling plane stroller for a newborn! This is perfect!
    The current pictures look like concepts, other than the pictures inside the boot/trunk – however, the picture of it inside the boot doesn’t even look small enough to be taken as hand luggage… Unless I’m sleep deprived and aren’t looking at it right?

  2. I’m not so sure about this one….. Sure, I’d take one if you gave it to me but I think this may be lacking some “luxuries” that adults want to see on their strollers too.


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