The Voila Wooden Stacking Colorful Clown

It is my belief that mailmen/women look at pregnant women and think “Any day now before her package load increases.” I’m sure they just know that mothers love to order things online or that babies get gifts sent to them. My mailman is no different. There is always some package arriving, whether it’s toys, shoes, clothes, cloth diapers, you name it.

However this time I was not expecting the rather heavy and small box from my father-in-law that turned out to be a wooden toy for my daughter. He had sent the Voila Wooden Stacking Colorful Clown and I was excited to try it out- I mean, give it to my daughter to play with.


The toy consists of a wooden block, with the outline of a clown painted on it (although it looks like a superhero if you ask me), on which there are pegs for you to slide different shapes over to create his body. There is a square for his legs, a triangle for his torso, a rectangle for his arm and a circle for his face. There are four colors of each shape: red, blue, yellow and green, and the faces come in four styles- happy, sad, shocked, playful. The whole thing weighs approximately 3 pounds, mainly because the block is heavy, but it is very well made, the paint doesn’t chip off and it can withstand being dropped a lot (trust me, I know). It is recommended for ages 3 years and up because the rectangular parts are a little small.

My daughter loves this toy, she takes the shapes off and tries to put them back on in all sorts of ways. The circle peg is easy for her, but the rest are a little tricky as she’s 18 months, but she still loves to try them out.

So the standard things it can teach your child are feelings, colors, and shapes. Great! But the fun doesn’t just start and end with the clown. Think outside the box! You can make all sorts of things with the pieces. We have attempted to make a train and car:


And my daughter’s personal favorite is when we start stacking them upwards:


So this toy can provide fun in a variety of creative ways! The Voila Wooden Colorful Stacking Clown is listed at $13.95 and is a great toy for young children.

BUY the Voila Wooden Stacking Colorful Clown HERE