The wheels on the bus really do go round!

Whether you are trying to keep your toddler entertained inside on a cold winter’s day, or you want to watch them play in the garden while you put your feet up and relax, the Little Tikes School Bus Activity Gym could be the answer you are looking for. A small school bus with an attached slide and wheels that turn to reveal colors, numbers and letters, this is a gift your toddler won’t get bored of quickly.

Little Tike recommends this activity gym for children aged one to four years old.We would suggest an age range of one to three years old as it is small- it stands at 60″ long, 30″ wide and 26″ high. My 13 month old tester likes to spend most of her time in the driver’s seat, eating her snacks and playing with her toys. It has a gentle slide which is suitable for your small child, and although my daughter is yet to master it, she is having fun learning how to come down with our help. Our three year old tester used the slide independently and loved it.

It is small enough to have in your home, and also fairly easy to lift and move at 32lbs if you wanted to take it outside in the yard. The steering wheel moves around, there is a horn for your little one to beep, a pretend key that pops out (but stays attached so not a choking hazard) and makes a clicking sound when you turn it in the ignition. There is also a gear stick that makes a clicking sound when it goes up and down, and a stop sign that comes out just like a real school bus. These all create an exciting environment of imaginative play for your toddler and their friends. You can also sing “The Wheels On The Bus” and point to all the various items in the song which is very entertaining. No batteries are needed.

The only downside to the bus is this- it is a monster to put together. This is coming from a mother who put together the majority of my daughter’s bedroom furniture alone while 8 months pregnant. But rest assured, it comes with very clear instructional videos. You will need an electric drill and a lot of patience. Having never used an electric drill in my life, I was slightly concerned, however, I had the whole thing assembled in 1.5 hours. Note: Do not start by putting all the stickers on the bus before reading the instructions as my mother did- we had to pull them off as the holes were behind said stickers. She was promptly removed from assembly helper duty.

The assembly will be a distant memory once your children begin playing on it and enjoying all the features.

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