There is a new hair style in town and this one is organic!

After exploring the limited options of children’s hair care products on the market and being disappointed that most didn’t omit harmful chemicals, Megan Gage set out to create her own. Working closely with an organic chemist, Gage created the kind of safe, naturally based, salon-quality products she had been dreaming of and Hot Tot was born.

First and foremost, I’m super happy that Hot Tot hair care leaves out the harmful ingredients such as phthalates, sulfates, parabens, dioxane, propylene glycol and formaldehyde that some other lines can include.  While I’m not even sure what some of those chemicals are, I’m glad they aren’t going anywhere near my child when I style their hair.

My kids have lots of curls so I am always on the hunt for quality hair care products for children.  Since curls often mean tangles, I was excited to try out the Hot Tot Conditioning Detangler and Styling Gel. The Detangler was great!  My 6 year old’s hair can get quite knotty and her sensitive head doesn’t allow too much pulling when combing.  She was super pleased that the Hot Tot Detangler seemed to make her tangles go away leaving her hair soft and easy to comb. The Detangler also worked wonders on my two-year old’s mop of curls making them soft, easy to comb and not sticky or crunchy. 

All my two year old needs is the Detangler but we often add the Hot Tot Styling Gel to my daughter’s hair.  I’m not a fan of using adult gel on a child, so I was pleased that this gel was made especially for kids.  It leaves my daughter’s hair bouncy and avoids that sticky or crunchy texture that gel can sometimes leave. 

The scents on both the Hot Tot Detangler and Styling Gel are strong enough that you know it’s there but smells great. Plus, it’s more a salon smell and less a watermelon or fruity smell that you often find with children’s products.  I’m not always a fan of my kid’s hair smelling like bubblegum so I appreciate the cleaner smell of Hot Tot. 

Overall, we were quite impressed with the Hot Tot products that we tested.  For more information, visit their website HERE.

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