Things We Need to Remember About Our Kids


Something happened yesterday that should be a big wake-up call to many parents. I’m still thinking about it and pretty devastated by what could have happened. This is one of those instances that words on a screen are just not going to do it justice. You need to hear it. You need to see it.


  1. I’m not sure what would happen in a home, but when I was about 3 or 4 I put a metal hanger(!!!) in the outlet of a store (Philadelphia Sales, aka Philly Sales, if anyone remembers them!). I don’t remember the incident, but my parents and grandma (who I was with at the time) like to say that’s where I got my curly hair (ha ha…). Apparently I blew the fuse, so I was uninjured and my Grandma kicked me away from the outlet with her rubber-soled shoes. Not that knowing this means I’d risk an open outlet with my son, or that the fuse in a home would kick off before injury occurred, but I think that’s what would happen. My son is getting to be mobile now, and the more I look at my house the more I freak out and baby proof. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. wow – what a great reminder. thank goodness you saw him too! now i’m off to make sure my outlets are covered and account for the ones that are NOT so I can go purchase tomorrow!

  3. Thank you for the reminder!

    I will admit that I never was big on baby proofing when my kids were small or even now, but the little baby proofing I have always been concistant with is the outlet plugs and the window blind cords. Those have always been 2 things that I felt needed done because it would only take a split second for them to stick something in and electrocute themselves.

    I do do some other baby proofing like strapping the dresser to the wall etc but it’s mainly just in the areas they play in (not concistant throughout the house)

  4. This literally happened to me weeks ago on vacation. Who brings plug covers on vacation right? My youngest is two and I caught her seconds away getting ready to stick my car key in the socket. I could have easily been back in bed or watching TV, I am so lucky I was paying attention. From now on when we go stay at un unfamiliar location i will remember to bring my outlet covers with me. It also scared the bejebbus out of me.

  5. Thanks for the reminder! I was actually looking for new toys on the internet and instead, I need to be buying baby proof stuff. He’s 4 months old and just about to start being mobile. Might as well go ahead and get it taken care of!


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