Things You’ll Never Know Until You’re a Mom

There are a few things I always thought I knew at least a little about but when I became a mother, I realized I didn’t really know that much on the topic. Today I wanted to share a few things with you that I don’t think a person really knows until they become a mom.

happy mother kissing baby boy

Sacrifice. Sacrifice of your body, your time, your sleep, your days, your things, your self. You will never know what true and complete sacrifice is until you have a baby.

Strength. You will never know how truly strong you are until you have a baby. Labor is no joke. Getting absolutely no sleep is no joke. Raising a child is hard work. But you do it anyway. When you have a baby, you will dig for inner strength you never knew you had.

Pain. Every bump and every bruise your child gets is like a stab in the heart. You wish you could take away their pain and  you would do it if you could in a heartbeat. Thinking your child is going to grow up and leave you one day leaves a sting in your heart and a lump in your throat and it’s painful knowing you can’t stop time or prevent it.

Love. I loved my son the moment I knew he was inside of me. And I loved him even more when he was born. It was instant. He was mine, and I loved him. As your child grows, so does your love for them. A huge, amazing love you never knew you were capable of. A love that would climb mountains, cross oceans, and do anything for your child.

Of course, you also won’t know just how much a child can poop and spit up until you have your own, too. But those are things you will learn, too and a topic for another day.


What would you add to the list? Leave us a comment and let us know.