This is Sewious! (VIDEO)

This is Sewious! (VIDEO)

The Baby Gizmo Video today is sewious…ummm…I mean serious! It’s all about kids and watching television. I have a few major questions that maybe you have the answers to. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic so please watch the video and leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


  1. LMAO “Who on the Dora team… LOUDER” hahaha! For as much tv as my son will watch. He likes Pocoyo, even though he jumps around a lot, but I rather him jumping & playing than sitting watching me doing house chores or h.w. ;p Another one he likes is Caillou, no problems w/ that show either. =]

  2. We watch Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, or Signing Time, though we watch it in waves, i find if i watch it every day she begs for it and over and over. Instead if she hasn’t watched it in a couple of days, she forgets to ask for it, but she’s not quite 2. I will say though, we love signing time, we call it baby crack in our house, we rely on it much more in the car on long trips, or at a restaurant when we are trying to finish our meals so we can leave and she’s done sitting (gotta love the flexibility of tablets)

  3. Well I only have a 9 month old. We do not watch hours and hours of TV but, if I need to get a load of laundry done or unload the dishwasher and he is just not having it playing by himself… He LOVES LOVES LOVES and episode of Franklin and Friends. We have a Wildlife Education Conservation called Predators of the Heart so Shep (my son) has already grown to love animals due to already having the honor of being around foxes, cougars, alligators, wolves and much more. He loves animals! So Franklin and Friends he will LITERALLY watch the whole 15 min episode and not move a muscle… Glad he is learning morals and respect. I really like Franklin and Friends!

  4. Oh goodness, my little munchkin loves Wonder Pets too. He also loves YO GABA GABA (what’s wrong with Brobee’s arms?) and Blue’s Clues which is probably favorite of the three (nice and calm with fewer crazy songs/music).

  5. I have 16 mo old twins. We don’t watch a lot of TV b/c they were preemies and have had some development issues, and when the TV is on they completely disengage. No playing, no talking, no listening: they become zombies. We do watch TV a few times a day in like 10 min intervals. My kids love Toy Story (all 3) above all, then Baby Signing Time, Backyardagains, and…the worst…. Yo Gabba Gabba.

  6. Our 4 year old just started really watching TV shows this past year. At first she was all about Caillou which we could not stand. Too much whining! And now she loves Doc McStuffins and I actually like that show.

    She’s also really into Disney Princesses and will occasionally watch a movie but never makes it through the full thing.

    • OMG! I forgot about Caillou! Yes, it was HUGE with my first child! That is another show I don’t understand! Why, oh why, do they have to give that kid such a winey voice!! Like nails on a chalkboard that Caillou is!!! 🙂

  7. This is seriously the funnest post ever…I feel the exact way..i wanna shoot myself listening to wonder pets..and dora is just as annoying!


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