This Will Make My iPhone Addiction Worse!

This Will Make My iPhone Addiction Worse!

This Will Make My iPhone Addiction Worse!

Hi, my name is Hollie and I’m an iPhone-aholic! It’s true. It’s an addiction and I have it bad. My husband jokes (lovingly) that the kids wouldn’t recognize me without the glow of my iPhone. (Yeah, sometimes he wants a punch in the face.)

So, my iPhone and me are close. BFF close. I never go anywhere without her. She is always by my side. I start to shake and sweat without her. She is my phone, my internet-on-the-go, my texting device, my camera…she is everything to me!  She is also stocked with apps galore! Facebook, Twitter, Words with Friends! See, it’s clearly a problem I have. I didn’t think my addiction could get any worse. Until now.

Our friends at Babyology let us in on the little secret that my dream device is coming out in March. A camera that turns my iPhone (or iPad, computer, LCDTV or any similar device) into a baby monitor! I love baby monitors! I love my iPhone! What’s better than combining the two!?!

The Withings Smart Baby Monitor camera works differently than any current baby monitor. It uses a compact “smart sensor”, which is a high resolution 3MP camera with extra wide lens and night vision infrared LEDs. It does not involve close distance communication (other baby monitors) but relays real-time data to any connected screen (iPhone, iPad, smartphone, PC, Mac, tablet, e-reader, LCD TV, and so on) via the best network path available (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.).

Plus, it has temperature and humidity information, a two-way communication feature so that you can talk to your little one, music controls for lullabies and alarms that can be set to alert you of any changes in the room.

Sounds fabulous, right? Well, we’ll be waiting until March to see just how awesome this iPhone baby monitor camera works. I don’t know about you but I am super excited about it!

To keep up-to-date on the release on the Withings Smart Baby Monitor, keep an eye on their website.



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