I promised all of our great Rated By Mom/Baby Gizmo readers an update on my ThredUP experience.  I have “officially” completed my first clothing swap.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my experience was not really all that great.  I know there are tons of moms out there who really love this site for the cheap second hand clothes they get.

Believe me – I was definitely excited at the prospect of not having to scour those yard sales and second hand shops anymore for nice, cheap play clothes for Little Bud.  My initial reaction has not changed much.  I still think this is a good way for parents to swap out the clothes their little ones have outgrown for the clothes they need.  At only $5.00 + shipping per box, the price is right.

Now that my first box has arrived, I’m less than enthusiastic.  I realize that maybe my expectations were too high.  After all, I knew the clothes would be used.  When I first opened my ThredUP purchase, I was surprised at just how many clothes could were crammed into that little flat-rate USPS box.  Seriously – this thing was jam packed!  Before making my selection on the ThredUP website, I made sure to scour all of the box selections and pick one with lots of summer clothing.  Since the weather is warming up, I wanted to try and get some great little summer duds for the Bud.

The description said this one included several pairs of shorts and short-sleeved tops from brands such as Carter and Oshkosh, brands we currently own and usually love.  What the seller neglected to mention was that many of the clothes were BADLY outdated.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I am not one of those ladies whose babes have to be dressed in the latest fads, but some of the clothes looked like the things Big Bud wore when he was little (that was 10 years ago).

I also know the clothes are used, but I was expecting something GENTLY used.  These looked like they had been through a couple of kids before I ever got them!  One of the shirts was even missing a button.  Overall, I wasn’t too terribly disappointed.  ThredUP has an awesome site and the buying process was quick and easy, so I will take this as a learning experience.  I guess I could always re-trade the box, but then again I wouldn’t really feel right about passing on clothes that are this worn out to any other mom.

In fact, I might do better to just head down to Wal-Mart and pay a couple bucks for something from Garanimals.  I am still going to try my hand at another swap to see if my luck is better the next go-around.  If it doesn’t, I guess its back to yard selling for me!