Thursday (and Wednesday!) is the New Friday!

Thursday (and Wednesday!) is the New Friday!

In celebration of Memorial Day- we thought we would have our biggest Thursday is the New Friday Giveaway EVER!  In fact, it is so big, that we are starting it on Wednesday.  This week it is “Thursday (& Wednesday) is the New Friday”!!    With a retail value of $809, we are giving you 2 days to enter! 

So, get to the prize, right?  The winner (one winner takes all!) will win a Bumbleride Indie 2011 prize pack!  The prize pack includes:

  • Bumbleride Classic Indie (in Seagrass)
  • A new Movement Fabric Set (in Fog)
  • A new Natural Fabric Set (in Walnut)
  • AND an Indie Travel Bag!

Yep, we think it’s a pretty cool prize pack too!  One stroller with three different looks AND the fabulous travel bag to keep your Indie lookin’ pretty when you travel!  Love it!  This giveaway is so great, we’re a bit bummed that we aren’t eligible to win!

To read (and watch!) our full review of the Bumbleride Indie 2011 Collection, click here.  And if you want to check out the Indie Travel Bag, click here.  You might want to check out the reviews in case you win or there is a quiz, right?

How do you enter, you ask?  It’s easy!  Plus, you have the opportunity to get three entries into the giveaway!

1)  All you have to do is leave a comment here on RatedbyMom and tell us where you would take your new Bumbleride Indie if you won!  That’s ONE entry!

2)  For a SECOND entry all you have to do is leave a comment about the Bumbleride Indie on the Baby Gizmo Facebook Page  *Feel free to tag @Bumbleride so that your love is shared on the Bumbleride Facebook Page as well! 

3) And for a THIRD entry just tweet about the contest using the hashtag #BabyGizmoGiveaway!

One winner will be chosen at random from all the comments we receive!  This is only a TWO-DAY giveaway so you have until  tomorrow night (Thursday, May 26, 2011) at 11:59pm CST to enter.

*If you leave a comment here on Baby Gizmo’s Blog – RatedbyMom, please make sure you enter your email address correctly in case you are the winner so that we may contact you!

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  1. I would take my baby in this Indie to EVERYWHERE: walks in our pot-hole filled streets; picnics in the park; running by the lake; to the beach; to mom meetups; shopping in malls and along mag mile; to lincoln park zoo; all over the world… 🙂

  2. I would take our new grandson (who was 100 days old yesterday) everywhere we stroll/walk with him. Not only to show his great looks and cuteness but also the great looks of the Bumbleride Indie. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and you can count on me to deliver this positive product message.

    I love to hear the birds sing and can mimick the song of the red cardinal. In fact, it tweets back with an answer and this is the full extent of my “tweeting.” I do not [yet] tweet or use facebook.

  3. Considering I go to target almost everyday, probably there, but I would love to take it to the park, too, and show it off to all the other moms!

  4. I would take my new bumbleride to the beach and camping, on long walks and to the mall. I would take it anywhere cause I would love it so much!!

  5. I would take my only child to the park so she can enjoy some fresh air now that she no longer has to wear her cranial helmet…YAY!!!

  6. We live in the Miami area, and have researched strollers endlessly. The Bumbleride Indie is definitely the stroller for us! We are beach lovers, so I know that we will be strolling on the wooden beach boardwalk, or right on the sand frequently. South Beach is also wonderful to walk around, but bumpy sidewalks, potholes and uneven terrain are unavoidable. From all the reviews I’ve read the Bumbleride Indie should make it all a breeze. We’re also planning to go to Mexico in January, so I really hope that we are taking this stroller along with us!

  7. I would take my bumbleride everywhere – lots of walks in the park, shopping trips, exploring the city, the zoo. We’d have so much fun!

  8. I would take the Bumbleride Indie to the grocery store, on walks, fishing, to the races, enter it in the baby stroller derby championships.

  9. I would take her everywhere this summer….My mom is visiting from Germany in 4 1/2 weeks so we will be traveling a lot. Zoo, beach, Seattle, all over Portland and in September my daughter and I will be going to Germany to visit family-hopefully with a new Bumbleride Indie ; )

  10. If I won the Bumbleride I would definitely be taking it with us everywhere! But especially for vacation in OBX this year!

  11. I would take the Bumbleride to our local parks to enjoy the warm weather we are having and maybe a trip to the mall for mom!

  12. I would <3 to take it with us on vacation to visit my family and have them meet my daughter in this awesome stroller in July! 😀

  13. I am totally drooling over the Bumbleride Indie 🙂 Would love to push my little man all over Japan!! Happy Memorial Day and what a great giveaway!!

  14. i would loooove this stroller as a second for my coming second! i can keep my amaaaazing uppa and my husband can push the amaaaazing indie (was my second choice originally) and the whole family can go everywhere together!!!

  15. I’d take the Bumbleride Indie on our adventures around town, and around the country when we visit family. With the great design and the fabulous travel bag, there’d be very few limits on where we could venture!

  16. I think the task would be easier if I could simply list the places I couldn’t take this stroller. NOWHERE!!!

  17. I would LOVE to take my baby out in the bumbleride ANYWHERE! But we are going to Disney soon and that would be awesome!

  18. I would love to take the Bumbleride to Disney! Or maybe the beach…or how about the zoo….maybe the Childrens Museum! Ok I can take the Bumbleride ANYWHERE!!! Please pick me!

  19. would love to win this awesome stroller for my first grandbaby who will be here in the fall!! yay @bumbleride !!

  20. I’d take this sweet ride on vacation… As soon as we have this new baby in July! Somewhere warm and sunny with trails! Although, my 18 month old girl could use this right away! It’s perfect!

  21. where wouldn’t I take the bumblebee indie is more like it. What a cool modern stroller. My son would love it on walks and day tris (like the zoo and sesame place).

  22. Where wouldn’t I take that hotness? I’d be showing her off all over town the park, the mall, our neighborhood cruises!!!

  23. Where would I not take it is a better question!! It would go everywhere I could possibly need a ride for my little one!!

  24. I would take my bumble ride for a sweet stroll to and from the baseball field every Thursday so myself and the baby and my older kids can get some excerise

  25. Where wouldn’t we go! At least once a week right now we go to the Greenlake trail here in Seattle. My baby and I LOVE to “stroller derby”. I push her in my roller skates! We love it so much. She smiles and says “WWWEEEEEEEE”. I laugh and sweat. It brings happiness to so many passerbys faces from babies to grandmas. I love that the bumble ride indie has a big storage basket, it folds easily, and an adjustable height handle. When I skate I’m so tall. We are a very outgoing family. The indie fabric choices would be awesome for either my husband or I. We could tackle any trail and even the mall. Plus a bag? Gotta have it!

  26. Being in the military and always transferring, I would take it all over the world and back! Uncle Sam doesn’t pay us enough to afford something this nice!

  27. We would rock out with our new ride at the Happiest Place on Earth and tell everyone we won it from BabyGizmo!!!

  28. The real question is “Where wouldn’t I take it? ” The zoo, the mall, the park, all sound just awesome. Not so sure I’d trust the baggage people on a plane not to screw it up. I’m not sure if you remember but “United Breaks guitars.” Not sure what they do to strollers.

  29. This stroller would be great for my aunt , uncle , and baby cousin who are a military family that like to travel EVERYWHERE! this would really help them out 🙂

  30. We would take the Indie to Wild, Wonderful West Virginia for Aunt Jocey’s wedding and go off-roading Bumbleride style!

  31. We would be using it every time we went to the zoo. Since we have a zoo membership, we go 3 days a week!

  32. I would take this Indie everywhere I go. Beach, soccer field, vacations, mall, everywhere!! Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  33. Simple, it wouldnt go anywhere! Its too pretty to get dirty! ha just kidding. I can’t even fathem the adventures we would have!

  34. Sorry! We would go everywhere with the Bumbleride. He would go on walks, to the mall, and vacations of all kinds.

  35. I am still in shock over the chance to win this amazing stroller! We would take the stroller everywhere with us; to the beach, the park, hiking on the greenbelt, jogs around the lake I could keep on going but there are too many places to list.

  36. I would take it to Colorado. I am due with twins in December and can’t wait to take my babies into the mountains! My husband and I love Estes Park and hiking!

  37. I would take is to Colorado. I am due with twins in December, and can’t wait to take my babies into the mountains! My husband and I love Estes Park and hiking!

  38. I would love to use this amazing stroller all the time and all over, but especially at our lake cottage and visiting my in-laws in Florida!

  39. I would take our child in his BMW oops, I mean BUMBLERIDE to the city park in August where our family reunion is going to be at!

  40. Where wouldn’t I take it?!! I would be outside as much as possible, because with the Baby Gizmo it would be easy and convenient. I would load it up to take my medical foster babies out and about. It would be easy to get a baby to the hospital/doctor/visit/therapy etc with this, plus let’s not forget how classy it looks. After 22 years of transporting babies around, this looks great! I could finally retire my old stroller. This has everything I could ask for plus more!

  41. Hmmm, where wouldn’t I take this stroller? IT LOOKS AWESOME. My toddler would love cruising around in it for sure.

  42. What a perfect around-town stroller! I’d be all for using a Bumbleride on errands and outings, especially to the park!

  43. I would use my bumbleride for walks and exploring here in Germany where we live for now. Then I would take it home to the states for visits and to SHOP! What stroller doesn’t love to shop!

  44. I would take my new Indie to the zoo! (and on walks, to the mall, and lots of other places with my 4 kids 5 and under)

  45. If I won this I would take it everywhere because we are in need of one period. I would take it for walks especially since my little one is teething I can take her for strolls and hopefully it will help her fall asleep faster and take her mind off of that pain. Thanks

  46. If I were to win the stroller I would take it all over the neighborhood and try to loose all the weight I’ve been gaining this pregnancy

  47. We have lots of plans for this summer. I would love to stroll my little man around in the indie everywhere…the park, the zoo, to visit grandma and grandpa, on playdates, everywhere!

  48. Would take this into the forest preserve so my little one can observe nature sounds, smells and sights. With this model we could go all over and not worry about getting stuck or any other problems with traction and off-roading. Nice.

  49. I’d love to take a new Indie to the park, grocery shopping, to the beach, shopping at the mall, on the skytrain, on the seabus, to downtown, to the burbs – absolutely EVERYWHERE!

  50. I would LOVE to win the Bumbleride!!! I would take it on spectactular adventures. It would see Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Melbourne, Tampa, and everything in between. It would also have the opportunity to see upstate NY, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. It would see planes, trains, and automobiles of all kinds. My family and I would treat the Bumbleride with the utmost respect at all times. We would love it, take great care of it, and enjoy it at all times. Please pick us… we desperately need a new stroller for our new little one. She deserves something NEW for once <3

  51. I happily posted on about the Bumbleride Indie on the Baby Gizmo Facebook Page. I totally tagged @Bumbleride! LIKE!

  52. pretty much everywhere, because that’s the whole point, right? I’d take it to the park, to the zoo, just walking around my neigborhood. I’d probably travel with it everywhere if I could.

  53. I would take our youngest daughter hiking in the local mountains, for walks on the beach, for runs in the in neighborhood. Love, Love, Love that is is eco-friendly and made of sustainable materials, so I would take it to the local farmers market with pride (we try to be locavores) I would take her to music festivals, fairs, amusement parks and zoos. She’s ride in style with her three older siblings looking on with envy (they’re 4,8,10 – to old for a stroller but still ask!) I’ve never had such a nice stroller and ‘m sure my husband and I would enjoy the heck out of it!

  54. Throughout Europe during our travels…and when we are home (in Dublin, Ireland)…I’d take it across many cobblestone paths, rolling green hills, along the coast, throughout the city centre, to parks, cafes…anywhere and everywhere since we don’t own a car here…and then back to the States where we are originally from!

  55. I would take my new Bumbleride everywhere we go- from Cape Cod, MA to NH to York, Maine as well as just simple walks around town and errands. We are expecting a new bundle of joy- June 30th and our old Bumbleride was destroyed in a flood (water main break) from the city- which they are not replacing- we are devasted and would love to have one again 🙂 Fingers crossed!

  56. I would take my new bumbleride on our family trip to the Outer Banks! My soon-to-be one year old would love it!

  57. Where wouldn’t I take it?? Seriously, to the zoo, the parks, around the neighborhood, and on any trips we take this summer.

  58. I would take the Indie to the local farmer’s and craft market and anywhere else little legs get too tired to walk!

  59. I would take my new Bumbleride Indie everywhere! Our favorite places to go are Monterey, CA, Santa Cruz, CA, and of course, Disneyland! Keeping our fingers crossed…

  60. Hello there, I’d love the “Bumbleride Indie” for its versatality and would take it everywhere baby and momma go (shopping, walking, zoo/musuems, beaches, the possibilities are endless!)… a stroll through CA’s Hollywood & Rodeo Drive as well as windowshopping :-)!!!

  61. I would take my bumbleride indie to the baseball park, disney, busch gardens, sea world, and the 7 day cruise. Basically it will go everywhere my baby girl goes!

  62. I would take the Bumbleride to our local Indie film festival, and to as many off road places we can find to test the air tires and suspension.

  63. I would take the Indie to the local farmer’s and craft market, and to all the places where little legs get too tired to walk the entire time.

  64. to the beach! we go all summer! can’t wait to take my little guy there!
    and the zoo, and the aquarium, and the flea market, and the farmers market (:

  65. Aside from taking this stroller everywhere to keep my little monkey contained, I would love to take it to the flight line when my husband returns from overseas. No missing us in this beauty!!

  66. I would venture into town and city, into the mountains, to the zoo, anywhere that got my son and I outdoors in the SoCal sunshine and me moving again to lose that baby weight!

  67. Being two hip, one knee, and one ankle post op, I am just starting to walk again! There are some nice trails by my house, summer is nearly here, my sweet babe is about to turn one and I am ready to start sharing the great outdoors with him (and rehabbing my body and getting back to my old self) !!!!

  68. I would take my new bumble indie EVERYWHERE! On all family outings, and vacations! I’d like the baby to cruise around in style at my husband’s 10yr Highschool reunion. He was class president, so we will be meeting a lot of people! 🙂

  69. Oh.My. I can’t think straight this package is too amazing. We would have to take it on long walks and vacations and everywhere else…this Bumbleride stroller looks like it can tackle anything.

  70. Love Bumbleride! I had the flier in Spice, but desperately want the Indie for the zoo, saturday market, and all the outdoor concerts and fairs we’ll be headed to this summer!

  71. I’d take the stroller everywhere! Would finally have a proper stroller to take out and about on plenty of walks!!

  72. Oh, I would love to take my grandbaby all around in this: to the park, to the mall, whatever he wants to do would be even better in this great stroller package! Thanks!

  73. We’ll start at the Golden Gate Bridge, my two month old son and I. We’ll go from Lombard Street, the crookedest street, to Central Park in the Big Apple, to Kodiak Island in Alaska, and all the way to the sandy beaches of Hawaii. We’d go all the way to the moon if we could! Oh the places we’ll go!

  74. I have been coveting an Indie for the last few months. I think it would be the perfect stroller for our family. The first thing I would do is load up my son and take a stroll around our neighborhood, much like the inaugural drive you take when you get a new car. After that I would use it for all of our travels and adventures this summer. Orlando to visit Disney, Miami to visit family, & NYC are already on our agenda. Beyond that the sky is the limit. My son LOVES riding in a stroller so I know he would be extra proud to ride around in this one.

  75. I would take this stroller on daily walks around the neighborhood,to the mall, to the zoo, and on trips to see Nana and Grandpa!

  76. I would take the Bumbleride to the beach and on trails and to the zoo, to teach my baby girl about the world. Someday I hope to take more munchkins around with my Bumbleride too!

  77. Woo hoo. If I were lucky enough to win, I would love to take the new indie on an outdoor adventure through Sea World San Diego to see all the amazing marine life!!

  78. Mama, Papa and little Roo are planning a trip to a Rail Road museum this summer. The Bubbleride will be a great travel companion!

  79. I’d take the Indie all over Sunny So. Cal. From the trails to the beaches…maybe even down to San Diego, home of Bumbleride.

  80. I would take this Bumbleride everywhere… the park, the hills, the town, etc. I am trying to get into shape to prepare for a second baby… so this will be great to get me started.

  81. I would take the Bumbleride to the Shore with me- first trip to the beach with my daughter! Hope it wont be the last!

  82. Awesome stroller with great styling. If I won I would push my son up then down Lombard Street in San Francisco to see how it handled.

  83. I’m English but live in the US so having a stroller with a travel bag would be awesome! It’s heartbreaking to check a stroller on the plane and then get it back in a different condition at the other end …

  84. I’d make the most of what’s left of my maternity leave with lots of long walks around our neighborhood. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  85. We are on baby #4 who is a boy after 3 girls….and we found out we are having to change stations 6 weeks after he is born and so, will be moving to wherever the Navy sends us. This stroller would be perfect for him to see the world in! I love Bumbleride products! First, we would love to have it here in SC before we move to somewhere else in the US (or overseas of the Navy sees fit). Thanks BG and BR!

  86. i would take my sweet baby girl for a hike while my son attends his half-day preschool for a little mommy-daughter time. its so hard for little ones to get one on one time when there are two or more!

  87. We would take the Indie to the local park with the dog. If it came in time, we’d take it on our summer vacation to CA and it would get to go to Golden Gate park, the Monterrey Aquarium, and the beach. Certainly, it would join us on our yearly foray into NYC at Christmas.

  88. I would take the Bumbleride everywhere, its perfect for the city and perfect for a vacation to some national parks!

  89. I would take the Bumbleride EVERYWHERE I go! We are an active family and have had difficulty finding strollers in our price range that are comfortable and can take on any challege.

  90. I would take my bumbleride to the Great Wall of China and walk and walk as my little one napped peacefully amongst the Seagrass. Then I would jump on a plane and take it to Amsterdam where the cobbled streets would be no match for the Indie’s superior suspension and steering, as I walked past the Windmills and marveled at the tulips I would count my blessings every step of the way.

  91. We have lots of summer festivals in parks all over the city – I would LOVE to use this stroller to take my son to his first Heritage Days, a multicultural food festival, in one of our beautiful river valley parks. If I win, I’d even send you some pictures!

  92. If I were to win the Bumbleride Indie, I would take each twin out separately so they can each have a little of their own mommy and me time. Our double stroller does not allow for that! Plus it always looks a little silly when one side is empty!! Thanks!

  93. I would take my new Bumbleride to Washington, DC! It would be the first big trip with my 3 month old to see her aunt!

  94. I’d love to takethis stroller for walks on the beach or on the jogging trails near my house. It would be perfect for my new baby!

  95. If I won this fabulous stroller, I would take it EVERYWHERE!
    We would stroll proudly around our neighborhood, We would take it to the beach,the zoo, botanic garden, playground, outdoor concerts and most certainly while marching in our neighborhood 4th of July parade!

  96. If I had an Indie I would find myself walking distances to far-aways lands such as other neighborhoods. We would leave sidewalks behind and traverse vast terrain of all types – trails, fields, sandy shores. We would climb aboard (well just the wee one) and take off on ferry rides to islands in the Northwest summer sun. Baby would kick back, legs supported and back upright as he likes for his walks or fully reclined for a nap as we cruise around the ‘hood.

  97. I would love the Bumbleride. I would use my Bumbleride Indie to take my little one on walks to various parks, to the beach and other fun stuff. 🙂

  98. I will take my bumbleride hiking along the santa monica mountain fire road trails and jogging on the bike path at the beach! I have a toddler and one on the way. We would love to have a stroller as functional and comfortable as this one!

  99. I would use the stroller daily at the park, zoo, mall etc! And we would take it on our vacation to Texas to sea world & the beach! 🙂 We would love to win!!!

  100. As a single mom who was just laid off from my full time job I would be using this stroller for some much needed mommy/baby (6 months old) time for along walks this summer.

  101. We have an 09 Indie Twin, but getting my 4 year old to stay in it now is a challenge…unless she is napping…it’s AWESZoME for naps! We need to go back to a single for my little guy.

    We would take the Indie EVERYWHERE! Weather it’s just the mall or on vacation. Next up…the Washington Coast!

    Love the Indie!

  102. I have 3 kids, I’m pregnant with number 4! I would love to have this stroller, I’m super excited about the Bumbleride’s! I would take it to all my childrens sporting events and we are avid zoo goers! We love to take our children everywhere! We would love a stroller that would push great on beaches and on pavement!I have yet to find a stroller that works for ALL occasions and I really think this one is IT!

  103. We would take our son to the Botanical Gardens, Texas State Aquarium, beach, Hilltop Community Center Nature Trails and so many other places!

  104. I would take my Indie on the desert trails here in New Mexico! It would definitely make walking around in this red dirt more enjoyable!

  105. Love this stroller,we would use it everywhere,but would be especially great for my morning runs and shopping as my current stroller has such a small basket. Oh would be great for the beach too!

  106. I would take the Indie to Yellowstone National Park so that my kids can see the geyser and Grand Teton National Park. This is the perfect stroller to handle the trip while my baby rides in comfort and style!

  107. We would take our new Bumbleride to soccer games, softball games, zoo trips, shopping trips, around the neighborhood and everywhere in between. Trying to keep up with three older kids would make this so much easier with my one year old! We are a one stroller kind of family and this stroller would fit the bill perfectly!

  108. I would take the stroller everywhere! I love the bold colors of the stroller, and look forward to using it.

  109. I am so excited about this stroller. It is the one thing on my registry that I am really hoping for!! I plan to take our little man EVERYWHERE with the Bumbleride, specifically to enjoy our beautiful San Diego beaches and a trip to Chicago to meet Grandma, what can be better than that?

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  110. I am in desperate need of an all-terrain stroller and would LOVE the Bumbleride Indie! It would be great to use it to take my 6 month old to watch his brother’s baseball games and to take to the park and beach over the summer!

  111. The Bumbleride Indie stroller is amazing and the Movement Edition fabric would be perfect for our visit to Grandma’s this summer in South Florida!

  112. OMG if you gave me the new bumble it would go everywhere with me, but mostly on Block Island were we vacation all the time, I need a steady stroller there since it is mostly cobblestone streets. Also we are going to willimasburg, va this year with my whole family. Out 1st family vacation since my brothers and I were kids. my dad passed in march and we want to be together all the time now.

  113. I would take it any where and everywhere! I would take it to the zoo and the par, heck I would take it to every play date even if it ment just using it from the car to the front door!

  114. What’s so sad is, I would just love to be able to take it around the block without having my four month old complain about riding in a stroller! She’s cute as a button for a reason! Ha! Truth be known, if I could take that awesome ride to the mall and go to Starbucks with a happy baby in it, I’d be in HEAVEN!!!! 🙂

  115. I would stroll on the beach and play in the sun with my little girl and her new friend Bumbleride Indie!

  116. We love love love the Bumbleride Indie and would love even more to own one ourselves!!! After a ton of research (and test driving it around the store), this is our top choice for a stroller for our little boy Owen, due in September. We love to hike and go for family walks, the all-terrain features would really allow us to do that!

  117. The Bumbleride would go EVERYWHERE with us. Out on walks with the dogs, to the beach with the family, to the zoo to see the tigers and anywhere else we may go this summer!!

  118. Awesome stroller! I would take it anywhere like the mall or park. Definitely will be getting out of the house more with kids if I win this stroller.

  119. I would love to have this stroller, I take my great neices to the zoo all the time and there are 5 of them, and boy it would be nice to have this stroller for that. I could use it at the playground and our walks.

  120. Would love to give this as a gift to my wife! She works hard to stay home and take care of our kids, being mobile is most important!

  121. Looks like an amazing stroller. i think it would be my must have summer accesory. It would be spending lots of time at the beach, around town, farmer’s markets, and playgrounds. It would have quite the tour of the North East Kingdom in VT!

  122. I would take this fabulous stroller out walking with my six month old son(its like first class seating stroller style)…hmmm, gotta wonder who will get more attention, the Bumbleride or my baby?

  123. I would LOVE to win a Bumbleride for my little girl to stroll in style in around town! We would take it to the park, the museum, the market and anywere else the Indie would like to stroll 🙂 Pick me please 😉

  124. With the excellent travel bag we would love to take it all across the country visiting the grandparents in both New York and LA.

  125. If we won the Bumbleride, we would take it on our summer cruise and pretty much everywhere we go! Its a great travel stroller!

  126. I would take this stroller right over to my wife to see the wonderful look on her face, because she’s been wanting one so badly.

  127. I think I would be too afraid to take it anywhere at first! But we love to walk to the park, the store, I love walks especially with my husband so we like to take a stroller all over the place. And when summer gets hot we like to go for strolls up in the mountains where it’s cooler!

  128. Where wouldn’t I take it is a better question. Besides the usual park, farm, mall etc. we have some great trips planed for the summer & fall including… Florida, a cabin in upstate NY, Hershey Park, Montauk NY, Fire Island NY, and a Disney cruiz!

  129. We would love to take this stroller with us on vacation this summer! It would be a great addition to our family 🙂

  130. I would love to take the baby in this stroller on walks with his big brother. I Love the SPF 45 lining since we live in hot sunny Florida.

  131. I would take the bumbleride to the zoo with the fam!

    (sorry if this published more than once – I was having connection issues and typed my email address incorrectly!)

  132. We would take it everywhere with us…to the zoo, the park, the snow. It would be like part of the family 🙂

  133. It would be so nice to have a smooth riding easy steering stroller! The model we use now ia frustrating on most terrain so it hardly gets used, and sadly I never take trips to the park because I don’t want to deal with it!

  134. Would donate it to someone in need of a upgrade from a competitor model which is seriously lacking all of your features and quality build.

  135. I have five granddaughters, the oldest is 5, and a grandson who will bless us with his birth in a few weeks. I will use my bumbleride to take my grandbabies to the park by my house, to the zoo, shopping and anywhere else where I could show off my bumbleride and my beautiful grandbabies!

  136. I would take this stroller everywhere! Morning runs, shopping, the gym, the mall, the zoo, EVERYWHERE!

  137. I would love to win this stroller, it would get tons of use on walks in our house since as soon as it gets warm we are always strolling. Maybe hit the museums first

  138. We would take this on adventures to the park, zoo, museums, walks in the neighborhood – everywhere!!! love, love love! Pick me!

  139. We are taking our 9 month old to visit his dad’s side of the family this summer. The Bumbleride Indie would be great to take with us so he could travel in style! All of Rapid City, SD would be envious of his sweet ride! We live in Minneapolis and would use it on the many trails that our wonderful city has to offer.

  140. This Bumbleride would go EVERYWHERE with me (and baby of course). But we especially love to go to the parks and navigate all the high grass!

  141. I would love that stroller! My husband would use that all the time on our local walking trail and though our neighborhood.

  142. IF my wife and I were to win, it would be the perfect stroller for us to take out on all the trails and in the near by mountains that we love to visit and hike.

  143. If I win, I’d take this sweet Bumbleride everywhere and I’ll be getting rid of our old hand-me-down Britax 🙂

  144. I would take it everywhere! I have a 3 year old and a newborn, so this would allow for easier trips to the mall, walks around the neighborhood and park, the boardwalk, etc.

  145. i love all things bumbleride! i would take it to disney next winter, i would take it to the mall, the park, and all around town to explore our NEW city we’ll be moving to next week! that would make a GREAT housewarming gift 😉

  146. It would be for a new mom friend that is a Phd student and can’t afford a great stroller. It would be all over campus and in Europe (where she is from) on holiday breaks.

  147. The first place we would take this stroller is our local aquarium. My 18 month old is fascinated by fish right now. Then we would go to the zoo, walk the park, walk the neighborhood. The fun we would have!

  148. If I won this stroller, I’d show it off EVERYWHERE!!! It just looks like it’d be fun to push around! And I’m sure my little guy would LOVE riding in it everywhere, he LOVES our walks to the park in the evenings when it cools off here and walking around the mall in his current stroller but this one looks way more amazing then the one we have now!

  149. We have a new baby on the way, and live in Chicago, so I imagine this stroller would be going all over town with us! We prefer to walk whenever we can, so a good stroller is a necessity. Walks to the zoo, the beach, the grocery store, the train – anywhere you could go in the city the stroller would come with us!!

  150. Wow… Looks like an amazing stroller! I would love to have one of these for our walks around town. It would be a great way to be able to do our shopping at the farmers market.

  151. We will be vacationing to London soon, and we would love to have a new Bumbleride Indie to take with us. I have heard so many awesome things about Bumbleride strollers!

  152. If I won, I’d take the Indie (with a giant bow on top) straight to my sister who is expecting her first child and my first niece/nephew!!
    This is the *perfect* stroller for them!!!

  153. I would take it anywhere and everywhere… but I’d use a neighborhood walk as an excuse to take it out as often as possible!

  154. I would take our baby around Cherokee Park, introducing her to all the wonderful scenery, amazing wildlife and cheeky Chipmunks.

  155. I would take my Bumbleride Indie on trips to the park, trips to the store and trips to visit Grandma! It would be great for everyday on the run!

  156. I’d love to win a Bumbleride. I’d take it everywhere I take my 6-month-old baby – to the zoo, the park, and shopping!

  157. I would bring this stroller everywhere! We are frequently out and about, walking to ball fields to watch our big kids play baseball, football or soccer. We walk to the park for a day of summer fun and would love to have a stroller for him, I babywear mostly now because we don’t own a stroller.
    I would love the stroller for daily walks and trips to mall. I can’t think of a place I would not love to use this stroller!

  158. I would take my Bumbleride Indie practically everywhere because it can handle most anything. Plus my kids would enjoy such a comfortable ride on vacation, no rental strollers yuck!

  159. If my family were to win the Bumbleride Indie, we would go everywhere!!! The zoo!!! The park!!! Anywhere!!!!!!! We would love this stroller!!!!!!!!

  160. I live in Annapolis and have been looking for a stroller that will work in this city but the prices are little pricey but I love the bumbleride and it would work perfectly to walk around the Naval Academy where my husband is stationed or downtown or on all the beautiful bike paths that are around here. I would love to win this stroller.

  161. I would take this stroller everywhere! It would be our main stroller so anywhere as a stroll around our neighborhood to frequent travels out of the state and country. Thanks for this opportunity!

    I commented on Facebook page.


  163. Would love to take this on LONG walks to get rid of the extra baby fat. Might even give one to family down street who could realy use a decnt stroller. thanks so much for the chance

  164. I would take my little guys all over! I love Bumbleride. We would definately be taking a trip to New Orleans with the new wheels! 🙂

  165. The little ones and I would take the Indie to all the trails we’ve yet to explore! What fun – to explore the kids!!

  166. Sorry, my previous had the wrong email address:

    When I win the bumbleride indie, I’ll take it on a ski vacation to the Alps

  167. I would take my Bumbleride Indie with me on our staycations in North Conway (NH white mountains) and Boothbay Harbor (up the rocky coast of Maine).

  168. I have two boys, two and two months. This stroller would be great for either! With all the traveling we are doing this summer to show off the new baby and his brother, this stroller would come in handy. Also great for our possible move overseas in January.

  169. I’m due today(still no baby) and would love this for my kiddo up Here in Alaska! Thanks for giving us this chance to win!

  170. I would take it to Drs. appointments, the mall, play dates, the pool, the park, the library, the hospital to meet my friend’s soon to arrive new addition (; charity walks, the zoo, family reunion, to St. Louis to meet my online May mommies I have grown so close to over the past three years, Foster care awareness, the lake, I would take it to support my dad when he bikes for amputees across america, pretty much everywhere I go! (:

  171. Oh my GOODNESS!!! If our family won the bumbleride we would take it to the Vegas strip and show it off! We are taking our daughter (6 months old) on her first road trip to visit family out in Las Vegas and would LOVE this stroller to travel with! I could just see it now, strolling down Las Vegas blvd sparkling among the Vegas lights, oh what a site we would be!

  172. I would take the stoller to mexico were I can go vist my grandparents becouse I noe that this stroller is really made for travleing nd I noe that this would be a great car to go there with . Also I noe that my baby would be safe if a car like this and mostly when its her first time meeting her grandparents .I noe that with this amazing stroller my baby would have a chance to be in a great car right now when she is little and when she grows older . I hoppe I win becouse this would help me by not buying a car when I got to mexico mostly a car I don’t noe if it would be safe or not and I noe with the bumbleride it is a safe car

  173. New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, There’s nothin’ you can’t do….Big lights will inspire you! Let’s here it for New York, New York, New York!

  174. We would take our BumbleRide Stroller camping, on vacation, on our long walks in the country on our gravel roads, & any where the road may lead us, we would take it if we were so lucky as to win it 🙂
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  175. I would love to take this stroller with us to Oregon to see my brother and to New York to see my sister! We would really put the miles on it!

  176. Im in alberta canada 🙂 if I won this stroller id be pushing my baby along the trails and paths in all sorts of weather conditions. Would love to win!

  177. We recently had a new grand daughter and have also found out TWO of our daughters are pregnant (one will be living with us) and we are scrambling for baby gear! My younger daughter would use this to go to the nearby park, to walk the baby to work (at a daycare she works at) and to various errands such as shopping. I guess my husband and I (new granny and papa) will also be taking turns strolling our new addition (s) to our family as well. I can say I am no spring chicken here, so having something I can maneuver easily and is quality, SAFE, and of course makes granny LOOK good would be FABulous!

    thanks for a the chance to try out a Bumbleride product. Have heard GREAT things about them!

  178. If I won I would take my new bumble ride all over…. the zoo, sea world, up to Colorado for the 4th of July and more. SO excited about this giveaway

  179. If I won the Bumbleride Indie, I would take my son on many “Indie” Adventures throughout the Wild Orange County Safari for many years to come :0)

  180. Our new Bumbleride will be taken out for 2-6 mile walks in beautiful California hills. Later this summer, it will cruse through the charming cobblestone streets of Europe. In the fall, it will carry my 8-month old girl on green and wet trails around Seattle. Life will be full of excitement for our new Indie.

  181. We would bumble ride to our daily walk to the lake, We camp a lot so bumbleride at nature trails, to the mall and grocery shopping, we will bring it with us across Canada, Mexico and The States!! We love to travel….. you don’t need a lot of money to see the world, so we are showing our little boy all the beauty around.

    **thank you**

  182. I would Take my Bumbleride indie all over! I would take it to the park, on walks, to the pumpkin patch, the zoo, the pool, and anywhere else. There is no limit to the places we would be able to go! 🙂

  183. I would take our bumbleride to the aquarium so that our son could see his favorite thing in the world, FISH!!!!! 🙂

  184. I would love to win the @Bumbleride stroller for my 6 month old son. It would make our lives so much easier… I try to walk anywhere we can in order to save gas and exercise. Where would this stroller NOT go?!? We would take it everywhere we go! This is my dream stroller! It is so lightweight, comfy, beautiful, and easy to fold. Please pick us, I never win anything! 🙂

  185. I would take my bumbleride everywhere! To the mall, grocery store, park, grandmas house, everywhere baby goes, the bumbleride would go!!!

  186. We would take our Bumbleride Indie everywhere! Including across the ocean on a trip to Hong Kong to visit family, as soon as our second baby is old enough to endure the fourteen hour plane trip (the Bumbleride Indie would probably survive the plane flight without incident, but don’t know about Mommy and Daddy, with a toddler and infant in tow).

  187. I’d take it to Australia with me when I go in the summer and I’d enjoy having family and friends drool over it!

  188. I am so excited about Bumbleride! I would LOVE to win this so I could take my little man all around Nashville…the first place we would go would actually be on our trip this summer to St Augustine FL….what a great ride to have for little man as we walk the historic streets of a beautiful town!

  189. First, I would like to say that this in an awesome giveaway! If we won the Bumbleride, we would be taking it everywhere! I walk all over the city with my boys both on the streets and the river trail. We go to the zoo quite frequently, and I’m sure that this would provide a nice smooth ride for viewing all the animals. We walk a lot of places, and it would be nice to have a stroller that would work great in all terrain!

  190. If we won the Bumbleride Indie, we would take it all over the US as my husband has to travel for work and our new baby daughter and I try to join him and plan family activities and educational field trips around his work schedule. In the upcoming months, we would take the Indie from Philly across country to Cali and hopefully meet Mickey & Friends at Disneyland!

  191. Omg… If i win a bumbleride I would be so estatic…since I’m expecting baby no. 2 this fall… it will definitely come in handy for the winter/fall weather since she will be strolling in style…

  192. I am sooo excited about this stroller. First stop would be an all day affair with the bumbleride at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans when I visit my family in two weeks!!! OMG can’t wait for this giveaway!!

  193. Wow! The first place I’d take my bumbleride is to my mommy and me stroller class! I’ve been pushing around my non jogging stroller and it’s a pain!

  194. Our bumble ride would go
    wherever we go!!! All the amazing days that we walk to our local lake/ beach and great times at our nj shore vacations!! I can’t imagine a day wrihout rhe bumbleride. It would fit perfectly in our trunk and will become my fourth baby. All it won’t do is sleep with me, but I’m sure my little ones will be sleeping inside it often:) how can I pick one place it will go?? Everywhere we go, it will go!!!!! How I hope we win this sweet prize!!!

  195. I would love to take the Bumbleride with my 1 year old baby riding and 4 other kids to the many many parks where we live and which my kids love to go to.. also on walks around our neighborhood and next school year to walk the older kids to school… also to the library which we visit very often! I would take it everywhere!

  196. Super excited to see multiple fabrics and looks, I’m sure my little guy will have me rotating through them! I have the double and would LOVE a single since my older one is outgrowing it! I would use it everwhere, from antique shows to strolls in my kitchen to get a much needed nap from my baby! Thank you Bumbleride, your products are AWESOME!!

  197. Since we just booked a trip to Turkey I would take it there for sure. Imagine how easy it would be getting around!

  198. Where wouldn’t we take our new indie!?!?! The beach, the park, the mountains–we can’t wait to go explorin’ with the bumbleride indie!

  199. I would take my Bumbleride everywhere! This summer we are going on vacation to Colorado, Nebraska, Santa Cruz, CA and much more. This would be so great to have to stroll our 3 month son around in. Plus use it for my morning walks.

  200. I would take it to the walking trail by the house!!! We love going for walks and this stroller would be perfect!!

  201. I would love to use the new bumbleride on our cross country trip to California. Our LO is not so comfy in her graco snugride stroller.

  202. We would donate the stroller. I have a lot of strollers and I would love to donate it to someone in need of one!

  203. My husband and I would totally take my daughter for a stroll off of Lake Michigan in Chicago, then head to Grant park for a picnic! Perfect family day in the city!

  204. If I won the Bumbleride,
    I would take it far and wide.
    I would take it to the park,
    we would walk until it’s dark.
    Winter, Summer, Fall or Spring,
    My little one would be a King!
    Although I’ve never won a thing,
    Maybe this rhyme luck will bring!

  205. We would be taking it on our many outings! The beach, trails along the mountains, the zoo and most importantly my mommy time-walking/attempting to jog which really just looks ridiculous so we stick with the straight walk thing.

  206. I would take this stroller everywhere!! The parks, Target, the mall, the zoo…….It would be aweseome for my Mommy and Me exercise class that I’m doing to get my pre-preggo body back! I love the Bumbleride product line :0)

  207. Everywhere we go! Thank you for the chance to win this awesome stroller. It would be great here at home and when we visit family in greece.

  208. I would love this Bumbleride prize package. I would be taking it on my vacation to Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. We walk around Meredith, this cute little town, for most of the vacation. We also go up to the Castle in the Clouds and this would be perfect!

  209. The Bumbleride Indie would go just about everywhere with us – the park, the zoo, weekend getaways to Chicago & Indianapolis, our little downtown, all over our subdivision (as well as Grandma’s), and maybe even the beach!

  210. I would take our indie on our annual trip to Mexico to visit our family. The travel bag would be great to keep it safe from the baggage people! they have already hurt 2 strollers!!!

  211. I would so love this Bumbleride Indie for our summer trip to the beach! That travel bag will be so helpful protecting it on the plane.

  212. I would take it anywhere and everywhere! I’ve been coveting this stroller since my son was born 4 months ago and would use it as much as my vehicle and maintain as well as my vehicle! I can just envision us on the beach, the boardwalk or even at the mall – the envy of every other mom there!

  213. We would head for the hills (Gatineau Park), the streets, the parks, the shops… with super manoueverability and great delight!

  214. I would take this stroller to the beach….walk around the boardwalk and show it off! (with baby in tow of course. :P)

  215. Oh! What fun it would be
    To win the Bumbleride Indie
    My precious little boy would ride in style
    And I would push him along with a smile!

    Oh! The many places we would go
    To the park, the beach and the mountains with snow
    To the zoo, the museums and the mall
    Be it Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

  216. Oh! What fun it would be
    To win the Bumbleride Indie
    My little boy would ride in style
    And I would push him along with a smile!

  217. The bumbleride would explore all the beautiful park trails we have around our home. My daughter loves to go ‘hunting’ for butterflies, grasshoppers, ants, and birds. This is an incredible giveaway, thank you for offer it!

  218. I would take it for walks, to the beach, to the zoo, anywhere that those big tires will make pushing it a breeze!

  219. I’d definitely be taking my new bumbleride to the beach! We do lots of walking so this would be great! Awesome stroller! Thanks!

  220. We use our stroller like some use a car. Every day, we stuff the umbrella basket with everything we need for the day and set take on the City of Philadelphia. Our neighborhood’s rough, broken sidewalks have got to be hard on the kiddo’s kidneys. It would be so awesome to stroll through the Italian Market in style. Heck with an Indie, I might as well start training and head on down to the Art Museum. I bet that puppy could take those steps. You can call me RockyMom, and I shall dub the baby Adrienne. Or something.

  221. If we won we would take our new indie on runs in the mornings and to the park in the afternoons! We would take it on trips and to the zoo! We would take it everywhere with us!

  222. I would take this on vacation with us this summer. We are planning on going to see the grand canyon and then onto vegas and the sequoia national park. Lots of walking and we will need something small and compact to push dd around in!

  223. I would take the stroller everywhere with me. From going on walks around my neighbourhood to going to Sesame Place on our annual summer vacation. I would LOVE to win this stroller!!!
    sbaka3 at gmail dot com

  224. Would Love to take it on all of our adventures, and especially to explore all of the state parks and lake trails in MN on or vacation up north to get out of the heat this summer 🙂

  225. I want to get back into shape ASAP and still bond with my new little boy, I would take my stroller everywhere and show it all off!!

  226. A new stroller would be sooo great! I love the idea of different fabrics – My baby naps in her stroller, and it’ll give her something new and exciting to look at when we are not outside!

  227. If I won, I would take it everywhere! With a little one, this is the perfect stroller to take everywhere! We don’t have any big summer plans, but it would be the perfect stroller for walks through downtown Chicago!

  228. I would take it to the pool where we can be nice and cool.
    I would take it to the park but never, never in the dark.
    I would take it for some strolls to show how wonderful it rolls
    If we won the bumbleride never, never would it hide!

  229. I am planning to take a trip in 2 weeks to Israel for a 3 week stay. I am looking for a new carriage/stroller to take with me since I do not have a good one. I have three children, and I have never gotten a good carriage…
    Looking forward to winning!!!!!

  230. I would take the stroller for walks EVERYDAY!! we finally got some nice weather and I want to spend as much time outdoors with my girls!!

  231. This would be a great gift to have with my 15 month old Grand daughter & Grandson due this July!! How wonderful for new Grandparents to have!!

  232. I would take the Bumbleride 2011 everywhere, LOL. But it would be especially awesome to take it to the top of Cadilac Mountain in Acadia National Park. My husband, 20 month old & I are itching to get going on long walks, baby girl isn’t quite ready to keep up.

  233. If I won the bumbleride I would continue to travel. Trips to New Hamsphire, Mass, Florida, Ohio, Europe..all the places we enjoy w/our 3 small children 🙂

  234. I would take it for walks, shopping, to the beach, pretty much everywhere. Bumblerides are the best stroller ever!

  235. I can’t think of a place I wouldn’t take the Bumbleride! We have awesome festivals near my home and this would make the trip fabulous for my little guy~

  236. I would love to win this to take my handsome little man (who is only 7 weeks old) on a ride through the nearby forest preserves.

  237. We would that our little one to Kenya to meet his family & attend his uncle’s wedding! What fun it would be to push him around in such a great stroller!!

  238. Where wouldn’t I take this amazing stroller?! Would love to take my daughter in it to parks, on trails and on the beaches of NC this summer.

  239. would love this! my daughters babysitter has one and she just LOVES it! would take it everywhere. walking, jogging, camping, shopping, to the park, to the beach…

  240. I would take this awesome creation to Israel! I just had my 2nd baby…and it’s time to go meet the Grand parents! Beside this month long trip.. I would be taking this bad boy all over New York City, my kids will love this!

  241. I would love to win the Indie, have had my eyes on it for a long time! We would take it to NYC to visit some friends and to Baltimore to visit my family! Thanks so much!

  242. My family takes part in medieval re-enactment. We got to a big event every August and this stroller would be awesome for getting around the campground.

  243. I would take it here and there. I would take it EVERYWHERE!
    One of the many places our Bummbleride Indie 2011 would go is to our next family visit in Greece. The tires are perfect for the dirt roads in the villages and the stone walkways of the streets in the cities. It looks so roomy and comfy my little ones will love this stroller as much as I do!

  244. This is the best! Hope I win so I can travel in style all over the country to visit my friends and family. 🙂

  245. I would use it to take one twin out. Right now everything i have is double, and it is not recommended to be used for just one baby. Also, It would allow me to baby carry one and push the other in this fantastic stroller!!!!!

  246. My peanut and I would go to the Tower of London, the Eiffle Tower, and Ft. DeSoto Beach in Florida! We will be traveling this summer!

  247. I would use the Bumbleride Indie to take my little guy on walks, the zoo, shopping & anywhere else I need to go!

  248. I would take this stroller EVERYWHERE!!!! Trips to the zoo and museum, on walks, shopping, our annual family vacation to Disneyland

  249. I can’t think of a place I wouldn’t take the new Bumbleride Indie if I won. Perhaps the first significant place would be to Disneyland for my daughter’s 3rd birthday!

  250. With a stroller like this, I would take it … everywhere! To be more specific, we are really looking forward to summer time outings to the park, the zoo, the lake or neighborhood walks. Yippee for grat strollers!

  251. If we won, baby Jack & I would take our fantastic new Bumbleride everywhere we went. Right now, we go for a five mile walk every morning and our current stroller gets stuck all the time!! The new Bumbleride would allow us more freedom to go places we haven’t been before!!

  252. Wow I cant believe the prize this week. I love the Bumbleride Indie, which is #1 on my stroller must have list. Because the stroller is so versitle I would take it on hikes on the Greenbelt, long walks on the paved street and to the park (and be able to stroll over the grass). In other words, I would go everywhere with me.

  253. Hmm.. where should be go first? This seems like a good European vacation stroller, although I don’t think that is in the cards right now, so I would settle for some cute town in the Adirondacks! Man I’m going to need a good vacation after I finish this thesis!

  254. The better question is: Where WOULDN’T I take this beautiful stroller????? It’d have to just become and extension of me as it’d be used so much! Along with our usual park, zoo, aquarium, Disneyland outings we currently go on, this baby would be at the beach because unlike our current stroller, it could get through the sand!!!!

  255. We’d take the Bumbleride Indie on a roadtrip to see the grandparents in Southern California- that means beaches and amusement parks!

  256. I would take it here and there. I would take it EVERYWHERE!
    One of the many places our Bummbleride Indie 2011 would go is to our next family visit in Greece. The tires are perfect for the dirt roads in the villages and the stone walkways of the streets in the cities. It looks so roomy and comfy my little ones will love this stroller as much as I do!

  257. Awesome giveaway! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bumbleride. I own a Flyer and would be thrilled to take a new Indie to Stroller Strides class, on long walks and just about everywhere!

  258. I would take it all over my little town and then some! We do a lot of walking around here.
    What an awesome giveaway!

  259. I would take this stroller to my brother in laws wedding in chicago this summer! It looks amazing, I would love to win!

  260. I would love to take the bumbleride (and baby too) to the park, picnics, running, jogging, just doing fun active things for a healthy lifestyle!

  261. I would love to win the Bumbleride Indie! I would take it everywhere we go. The most fun though would be Disneyland this Summer, when we’re taking our son for his first time!

  262. I would definitely take my first grandbaby that will be here in November on his 1st stroller ride in style! Thanks Bumbleride and Rated by Mom for this awesome giveaway!

  263. I would take it on vacation; somewhere warm and exotic – maybe Central America? 🙂 Will definitely need something sturdy and ‘all-terrain’ in most places there.

  264. What a wonderful prize. If I win I would love to take this stroller (if possible) to South Korea so my baby can finally meet his grand parents who are so eager to meet him. For now though I think this stroller would be great to use around the park for the fathers day picnic that I’m planning.

  265. My baby is a week old today! I would love to take the stroller on our family vacation to Disney later on this summer.

  266. I would take the bumbleride on family vacation that we have coming up! So fuN!
    WIsconsin in and RV to see Pearl Jam!

  267. I want to that CHIC BumbleRide to Disneyland, Malibu & Santa Monica this October for a much needed family vacation in California =)

  268. I would take it on all of our summer adventures. Many trips to the park and hopefully on a trip to California!!!

  269. I have lots of places to take it but our first summer trip is to Busch gardens and then hopefully to Keywest later in the summer. What a great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity to win!

  270. We would take our Bumbleride stroller with us to the zoo, Canada’s Wonderland, Disney World, daily walks to and from school, the park – just everywhere!!!

  271. I would take it everywhere, we live by Lake Huron, so we have beaches here, and also nice trails.. And of course on our many travels…

  272. Such an awesome stroller everyone in my neighborhood has jogging strollers but no one has the bumbleride indie! I would love to be the first around town and have this stroller to jog with friends and take everywhere we live in NYC and I would definitly be taking it everywhere around city central park, bronx zoo , beach and after this past winter I am sure it would be a dream to use in the snow!!!

  273. I would take my baby and the bumbleride Indie on a trek on the Appalachian trail and really check out its shocks, then I would hose it down so I can still see the pretty colors.

  274. I would take this everywhere!!! I plan on visiting my son’s biological grandpa in North Carolina in the next few months, so it would definitely come in handy!! Thanks!

  275. I would take the stroller EVERYWHERE. I live in Northern Ontario and we have snow at least 5 months of the year. I trust this stroller to take me through everything, and to everywhere. Even if I don’t win I’m hoping to buy one soon!

  276. I will be taking the Indie to the Philippines. It is so HOT over there that this stroller will be a blessing for my 4 month old cutipie Sophie. If I win this giveaway, we will be taking the Indie to several places with our first time trips with my family. And I will have a motivation to go for a jog to lose some preggy weight that is long overdue.
    Thanks BabyGizmo, Bumbleride and RatedByMom. You’re AWESOME!

  277. Wow, this is a pretty amazing giveaway. I’d take the bumbleride indie to Rhode Island for our family vacation!

  278. I would take my baby girl on the trails near our home as well as jogging through the neighborhood. She would adore it!!

  279. I would take it on my daily workout walks, the Philly Zoo and the pool to start! Then the beach and lots of other places I am sure.

  280. I would love to take this amazing stroller just about everywhere and I’m sure my little girl would love a ride in it 🙂

  281. We would take this stroller all around town and to watch Daddy play baseball and to watch his/her(coming 9/14) big brother play soccer.

  282. We are moving in 4 days, I would take the stroller and explore our new neighborhood and local trails! Training my boy to love the outdoors!

  283. Since all the moms around me carry gucci, loui, and prada bags with their stoller, oh yeah! it would be nice to roll up with my new stroller..

  284. Probably first would be the local park to watch his sister play basketball,hope to take a day trip to the Inner Harbor soon!

  285. I would take it to the zoo! We have a family membership and are constant visitors to the zoo. The kids love it. And this Bumbleride Indie will be a constant visitor too!

  286. If I won, I’d take my new Bumbleride Indie EVERYWHERE, to the park, to my husband’s football & baseball games, to the beach next summer, to visit Nonnie & Poppy in Denver! I’m crossing my fingers!

  287. I will take my bumbleride mostly to the park! But the options are endless, to the zoo, just in the yard, church, for walks, jogs, vacations, need I say more?

  288. I would take it to the Eco-museum in Montreal – then EVERYWHERE!!! We just had our second child and I love this stroller!!

  289. I’m a grandmother and child care provider who would love to have a good stroller to take the babies for wonderful nature walks.