Thursday Giveaway: Moby Wraps – 2 Winners!

**Congratulations to Sarah L. and Alana H. for winning the Moby Wraps!

Hey!  It’s time for another Baby Gizmo Thursday is the New Friday Giveaway!!!  And this is another good one!!

We just posted our A Mom’s Guide to Babywearing Safely this week!  To celebrate one of our Top Picks from our Babywearing feature,  we are doing a Moby Wrap GIVEAWAY and choosing 2 winners!  Each winner will receive a fabulous Moby Wrap (Solid Color – Winner’s Choice!)

For more information and to see all the great styles of Moby Wraps, visit the Moby Wrap Website at!

How do you enter, you ask?  It’s easy!  Plus, you have the opportunity to get two entries into the giveaway!

1)  All you have to do is leave a comment here on RatedbyMom and tell us why YOU should win a Moby Wrap!  That’s ONE entry!

2)  And for a SECOND entry all you have to do is leave a comment about why you should win on the Baby Gizmo Facebook Page!

Two winners will be chosen at random from all the comments we receive!  This is only a ONE DAY giveaway so you have until  tonight (Thursday, October 21, 2010) at 11:59pm CST to enter. (Giveaway open to US residents only!  Sorry, Canadians mamas!)

*If you leave a comment here on Baby Gizmo’s Blog – RatedbyMom, please make sure you enter your email address correctly in case you are the winner so that we may contact you!

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  1. We really need this for our baby due in april. i know it’s still a ways away but after i found out i was pregnant i had to move across country from my whole support system. my husband and i are both active duty military and my orders moved me from virginia where we were both stationed to whidbey island washington. this is my first pregnancy and so it is taking a lot of strength to keep it together for us and for our beautiful baby to be.

    we’d really appreciate this as our first baby gift.

  2. I’ve been dying to try one of these. We tried a hot sling wit my first and she hated it, and the Jeep carrier that we have is killing my back!

  3. I am the soon to be mom of a newborn & 19mth old. Having a Moby to wear the baby around to allow me to keep up with my very active toddler would be amazing!

  4. I would like a Moby Wrap to use with my grandson. I am an older lady with artgritis & the wrap would help me continue to carry him as he grows.

  5. I would really benefit from having a moby wrap for my newborn baby boy. A moby wrap would help the mother-baby bound and early attachment I want to build with my baby. I am looking for a moby wrap so that I can carry my newborn from birth to 18 months.

  6. I absolutely love the moby wrap!! used it for my newborn son who loved it too. I gave mine away to a friend but would love to win a new one hopefully for another baby!

  7. My son has torticollis and according to his physical therapist, should be carried as much as possible. I would love a moby wrap to help!

  8. I’m due ANY day now, tomorrow specifically =) and would love to be able to wear my baby! My oldest is 12 and I didn’t even know about these kinds of things then.

  9. I would love to win a Moby. I have a 5mo DD….that loves to be carried! Needless to say, she doesn’t miss any meals.

  10. Thanks for this great opportunity baby gizmo! We are a baby wearing family, and I’ve always wanted to try the Moby wrap with our newest addition as many friends swear by it.

  11. I think that I should win a Moby Wrap because I love how close my baby will be to me while I can do other things. My son Daniel likes to lay on my chest and I would love to be able to have him snuggle me without me having to hold him so my hands could be free and it would help alot with my lower back pain =) [I also think the Moby Wrap is pretty cute lol]

  12. My three years old is going through the needy phase. I need a moby wrap so I can play with her and carry my 3 months old. 3 months old only like the upright position facing me and does not like her sling.

  13. I didn’t know about these in time with my first son, but with my 2nd I’m seriously going to need to be able to keep my son close while running around after my toddler!!

  14. I should win because I love babywearing, and my little one has almost outgrown the only carrier we have, a pouch sling. This would be great!

  15. I should win because I have a 3 year old, 17 month old, and 3 month old. I seriously have a hard time being able to get things done with the two youngest. A Moby would obviously allow me to carry one of them and get things done around here!

  16. I should win because I love having my daughter Emma next to me the whole day!! And she is getting heavy so it hurts my back 🙁

  17. I think i should win the moby wrap because im a mother of 4 children under 4, and my youngest is 4 months old. this wrap would be great to wear him in so that i can actually get stuff done around here.

  18. I need a Moby wrap because my daughter absolutely loves to be carried. She’s 5 months old and loves to be close to her Momma!
    lindseygalvez at gmail dot com

  19. I need one because my baby is going through such a NEEDY phase that I need to be able to wear her! My fake homemade Moby just isn’t cutting it, as it’s a few feet too short.

  20. I have a 2 year old and a 3 week old. The Moby wrap would be a blessing to me and give my hands back so that I can keep up with my crazy 2 year old!

  21. Wore both my babies until they were well over 2 and now with a large age gap, we are on to baby #3. Gotta have a nifty way to get things done and stay close to the new wee one. Thanks

  22. I should win because I have infant b/g twins and a 5 year old son I am homeschooling! I am a stay at home mom! I love to baby wear and I NEED to be hands free!!! 🙂 ps my hubby loves to wear his babies too:)

  23. I want a Moby Wrap!! Witha 6 month old and a 2.5 year old, baby wearing makes my life so much easier, and is great for short walks when I dont feel like lugging out the double stroller!

  24. I had a c-section with my 3 week old. But i still have to walk around the corner to pick up my 3 year old daughter from the bus stop. This would help a lot. Thanks!

  25. The Moby Wrap looks very comfortable. I am due with my second in May…I will have a 17 month old and a newborn. Hands free would be great to keep up with my little toddler.

  26. I would love to win because my youngest is 3 months old and it would be great to be able to babywear her around the house to keep my hands free in order to take care of my 2 year old.

  27. I would love to win a Moby. I tried on my cousin’s and they are by far the most comfortable and versatile carrier I’ve ever tried.

  28. I had a Moby for a short while with my preemie and it was wonderful–but I sold it to buy a stroller. I regret that now and would love to have a Moby again! Thanks! 🙂

  29. I have a 16 month old and baby #3 due dec 6th!!! I need all the help holding I can get! 🙂 I have been holding off getting a double stroller and this would be great for putting the little guy in the stroller, wearing the baby, and walking my oldest to the bus! please pick me please please please!

  30. I borrowed a moby wrap from a friend for my first pregnancy, and when I had to give it back, I tried to rig a make-shift one… not too successful ;p We can’t afford to buy one for this baby, but I would LOVE to have one to wear my baby!

  31. I have an 11 month old and a 3 year old and have baby fever again so I would love!(Would my husband fit in one of these he’s feeling a little neglected these days?)

  32. Would love to win moby wrap as currently I dont own any baby carriers. I need it for my newborn baby girl for her arrival december 24th I also have a toddler girl who will be turning 2 on december 21st:) Heard Only good things about it!

  33. Oh oops it didn’t send what I told it to…. I think I should win because I have a 17 month old that is very active and a new baby coming in may. A moby wrap would make things so much easier for me to take care of both of the kids

  34. As a first-time mom to be, there are just so many options for baby carriers. Slings, pouches, barriers, backpack carriers, and wraps. After reading the review and visiting the Moby Wrap website I would really love to try it. There are so many different ways to use the wrap and can be used from day one. The people at Moby Wraps even have an article on how to use the wrap while exercising.

  35. I would love one as I have a very fussy newborn & from my reading – the Moby wrap is great for fussiness. I also have a 2 year old & really need free hands! Thanks so much!

  36. I have a 17month “Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

  37. I think I should win because I have a almost two year old and a new baby on the way. It would make my life so much easier to be able to wrap the new baby up so I can take care of both of kids thank you.

  38. Oh, the Moby wrap is WONDERFUL! I would LOVE to win one and pass it on to a good friend of mine who is expecting as I just couldn’t live without my Moby!

  39. I am pregnant with my second and am due 3 days before my daughter turns 2. I would love to win a moby wrap so I can snuggle and bond with my new one while still having my hands free to snuggle with my big one!

  40. I LOVE Mobies!!! I had one for baby #3 and have since passed it on to a dear friend…I would love to win another win in the event I may have #4 but could also use it as a gift for one of a few people I know who are expecting #1!

  41. I am due with my second any day now. With my first son I tried a store sling, a hot sling, the baby bjorn carriers and similar ones, just way too many carriers. A friend recommended the Moby wrap to me when my son was around a year. We didn’t have a lot of extra money at the time so we accepted one from a friend who made one similar to a Moby, just different material. We would love to have a Moby wrap for Speck (baby on the way) so going places, around the house duties, etc, will be that much easier. With hubby deployed, I will gladly accept all those little things that help make life easier as a new mom to more than one child. So a Moby wrap would be AMAZING to have!!

  42. Our long awaited first baby (a girl!) is due in January and I want to snuggle her close while doing house chores in the cold winter months!

  43. I would love to win a moby wrap. I really want to start baby wearing but wraps and carriers are so expensive! I do not have the $$ to spend on one right now. =(

  44. After 5 long years of trying & fertility treatments, we’re finally parents. Our beautiful daughter is 3 weeks old & would love to be close to mommy & daddy in a Moby Wrap!!!

  45. Me please! My toddler is 20 months and my baby is only 3 weeks old. Two under two can be hard enough and a Moby wrap would make my life SO much easier!!

  46. Me please!! My second daughter is only 3 weeks old and my toddler is 20 months. It can be hard with two under two and a moby wrap would make my life SO much easier!!

  47. I would love to win this moby wrap for my daughter (born in aug)…she HATES sitting in her carseat or the stroller and a moby wrap would make trying to shop with her sssooo much easier!

  48. I would like to win the Moby because I purchased a 100 frontpack for my second child and find it difficult to use with him as a newborn. I would like the Moby so I can keep him closer and feel more secure.

  49. I would LOVE a moby wrap- I have a 22month old and a 3 month old…it would be a huge help in allowing me at least one free hand to play with my older son…and maybe get a few extra things done 🙂

  50. This is JUST what I need…. I have 3 1/2 yr old twins and a newborn. It is virtually impossible to get things done or steal a minute to myself because I can’t leave the baby unattended, her “little mothers” would try to pick her up!

  51. I love my moby that I got for my first son! Would love to have another one for laundry time (which is basically every day with a. Newborn!!)

  52. We’re expecting our second in early 2011. I wanted a Mobi with my first, but couldn’t convince my husband it was a good idea especially since when I discovered the Mobi, my daughter was almost 9 months and I already had 2 other carriers. I really want one for my second!

  53. With this being #3, I have a ton of stuff to do and only 2 hands. This would be a great thing to help me get everything done and hold on to my kid’s hands!

  54. With 3 and the youngest being 7 months and due with #4 in April, this would be great to have! I have always wanted a Moby Wrap but they are so expensive. This would be so cool to win!

  55. My husband and I tried for quite a while to get pregnant and just a week ago, found out we’re expecting our first! We beat infertility!!! I’d love to try out the Moby Wrap! 🙂

  56. I borrowed the mobi for my first little guy. Now I’m expecting my second and would love to have one for him/her as well in a bunch of months. Thanks.

  57. I should win because my 2 month old is nearly 14 lbs and he’s too heavy to be carrying around in my arms while chasing a toddler around. This would definitely help keep my hands free!

  58. Five more days until my due date, and this is the last item that I still need! I have a Baby Bjorn from my sister, but I’m diggin’ the functionality and look of the Moby Wrap much more.

  59. I should win a Moby Wrap, because i gave mine to my sister for her baby, and she loves it!!!! Now i’ve got another little one on the way, and would love a new one so i don’t have to ask for the other one back 😀 everyone wins!!

  60. I have my second son due the first week of December and I’ve been trying to convince my husband I need one of these – with an excitable 4 yr old it would be amazing to be a little more hands free but close and snuggly with the new baby!


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