Thursday Giveaway: Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Infant Bottles

Hey!  It’s time for another Baby Gizmo Thursday is the New Friday Giveaway!!!

We just posted our feature on the fabulous Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Infant Bottles yesterday.  You know we love them!  But we got to thinking.  Maybe we should let a few of our Baby Gizmo friends get to know Pura Infant Bottles and try them out for themselves?  So, of course, what does that mean?  Yep, GIVEAWAY!!

We are picking THREE winners this time to get to know Pura bottles up close and personal.  Each winner will receive an 11 oz stainless steel Pura infant bottle and a 5 oz stainless steel Pura infant bottle!

How do you enter, you ask?  It’s easy!  Plus, you have the opportunity to get two entries into the giveaway!

1)  All you have to do is leave a comment here on RatedbyMom and tell us why you should win the Pura Bottles!  That’s ONE entry!

2)  And for a SECOND entry all you have to do is leave a comment about the Pura Stainless Steel bottles on the Baby Gizmo Facebook Page!

Three winners will be chosen at random from all the comments we receive!  This is only a ONE DAY giveaway so you have until  tonight (Thursday, October 28, 2010) at 11:59pm CST to enter. (Giveaway open to US residents only.  Sorry.)

*If you leave a comment here on Baby Gizmo’s Blog – RatedbyMom, please make sure you enter your email address correctly in case you are the winner so that we may contact you!

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  1. I have been looking for the perfect sippy cups since my oldest of 3 girls (the oldest now 7 and the youngest 2) started using sippy cups. I purchased glass bottles, BPA free ones etc. I know you’re supposed to change the nipples or stoppers for bottles/sippy cups every so often and for me it’s about that time. It’s also time to find another sippy cup all together. To have one of these would be perfect!

  2. I can use all the help I can get! I need so much as my son gets older but it”s tough to do. All by myself. Winning something as great as these bottles would help in his next step of growing older 🙂

  3. I’ll admit… this is the first I’ve heard of Pura Kiki, but after two losses and a year’s worth of trying, we are elated to be expecting in May and can begin exploring all of the latest and greatest baby products! And I think I’ve just found one! Winning this give away would be one more welcomed blessing. : )

  4. this bottle is perfect for my toddler who still thinks she needs a bottle at night. I can just convert it into a sippy cup and she won’t know the difference. BRILLIANT!!!!

  5. Having 2 2-year-olds and expecting my 3rd, I love the idea of using the same bottle/cup for all the kids with just a seperate top!

  6. I love the idea of these and even better that they can be used as sippy cups. I also love that they are stainless steel. We try to do everything as “green” as we can with the baby so these would be a great addition.
    Thanks for sharing a great product with us!

  7. I would love to try these really cool bottles. My baby girl will only use certain types of bottles. It’s always nice to have several different types that she will use

  8. I would love to find a bottle that my baby would take. We have tried everything. This just might be the one. I would love to win and try it.

  9. LLLOOOVVVEEE the idea of these bottles and think stainless steel would be a great alternative. My little one loves her milk cold and I think these would do a good job of keeping it chilled!

  10. We’ve tried a bunch and nothing really seems to work well for us so we’d love to give these a try (and hopefully find something we love).

  11. “Grow with the baby” is a fantastic idea! These would be great to try. We are on baby number four. This little guy is our “whoopsie.” We thought we were done and had given away all of our baby supplies 5 years ago when our last baby outgrew them. Now with only 6 weeks to go before the BIG DAY, we find ourselves scrambling for baby supplies! Yikes!!

  12. My almost one-year-old would love these bottles and it would be so so great to replace the plastic ones that we just keep going through…..!

  13. These bottles look awesome and sooo versitile! Never have to worry if i have something for my child or a niece or nephew to drink from since the tops are interchangeable! would love to give them a try!

  14. I’m due in a week and would love to use these for baby #2. I also love the fact that these are stainless steel. Can’t believe no one thought of this before for infant bottles!

  15. Short reason to pick me: I’m being wolloped by bottles. I’ve tried two brands and failed both times. First brand’s nipples never screwed on right. 2nd brand’s bottles never get completely clean when washed. Please PICK ME!

  16. We have been using Sigg bottles and are really unsatisfied. Moved to Klean Kanteen, which are “better”…..but what’s this? Could it be an improvement? Would love to test them out and see if they’d be a good fit to replace glass bottles and sippy’s with lots of parts. Thanks

  17. There are so many types of bottles out there! As a new mom, I’m overwhelmed by the choices but I know I definitely want the ones that are BPA free and lightweight. Would be great if I can get this for my little one arriving in January!

  18. we do a lot of outdoor stuff and having a stainless steel bottle would be a great help. we wouldn’t have to worry about breaking it!

  19. My son is just starting to transition to a sippy cup, but still uses a regular bottle frequently.. it would be so convenient to have a bottle that does both, because he often refuses one or the other (would be great to just switch the top, and not have to change/wash a whole container!)
    Plus, he deserves a safe (toxin free) lightweight option!

  20. Oh, I SO love the ideas of these! I’m about to introduce sippy cups to my 7 month old! I love the fact that I can use them for my 2.5 year old as well. The switch seems sooo easy! Plus, no plastic? YES!

  21. Baby coming in March. I am the only parent working as of now. Need all the help I can get. Not to mention these Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Infant Bottles look awesome.

  22. As a glass bottle loving mom I would love to try one of these bottles as my son is 2 1/2 months old and will soon be holding a bottle all by himself. I’ve invested in all glass bottles so this would be great to try when we are on the go to reduce the possibility of dealing with broken glass. Thanks!

  23. I spent a fortune on tommee tippee bottles and they dont work even our paediatrician couldnt get them to work so now we need to buy new bottles so winnin these would help us save another fortune

  24. would love to have a bottle like that as I only want the best for my baby. THese stainless steel bottles are safe and I don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals or breaking glass alternatives.

  25. These would be so much better for our kiddo and easier for me to handle… I’m a chronic dropper of everything, so glass is out at our house. And even BPA free plastic stuff has to be replaced often b/c it cracks or wears out. Stainless would be very cool!

  26. Looking for an alternative and not happy with most sippy bottles. This would be awesome, and maybe there will be less fights than the binki battle.

  27. I LOVE wide mouth bottles, but I hate most of the ones with a million parts. Plus they look really cool. For my next baby I am definitely going with a whole set of these. Can’t wait til they come out with insulated ones.

  28. I have 2 under 2 and both boys would be able to use these! I bought stainless steel cups- very disappointing. Would love to try something that WORKS!

  29. I have a Bf baby and never liked to pump. But am now finding she likes the independence of a bottle. Mom loves the environmental and safety story if this product, my 7 mnth old baby will love the independence. Cool product!!!

  30. Would love to have a set of these. I was looking at glass bottles but am afraid of breakage. But these have no plastic to worry about or glass that can shatter. My daughter really needs a set of Pura bottles to use now and later when she switches to sippys.

  31. I have a baby boy coming around Christmas (Dec. 21) and would absolutely LOVE to try out these bottles. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  32. I would LOVE to win these bottles because I am going to be a first time mom in March and would love to try everything that is out!

  33. Oh man I was so excited to see this giveaway. After reading the blog on these bottles I wanted them so bad! I love how they grow with the child. I would love to win one. Any color =)


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