Time for a Little Mommy Pampering?

Let’s face it, as a new mom there’s not enough time in the day to take a shower, let alone pamper ourselves. However, we accept this new reality because we love our little one so much and we are completely focused on their well being. At what point though do we sacrifice our own well being? If we don’t take time for ourselves, aren’t we asking our kids to make the ultimate sacrifice by not being at our best for them? Welcome to the balance dilemma that all mom’s face, whether you have a new baby or an older child. Is it ok to take time away from my baby to indulge in some “me time”? My feeling is yes, pampering yourself is not luxury but a necessity in order to help us be emotionally healthy parents to our kids. So go ahead, put the guilt aside for a few hours and let yourself be pampered!

To read our full story including great ways to pamper yourself:  CLICK HERE


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