Time Magazine’s Breastfeeding Cover Goes Viral as Mommy Wars Begin

That is absolutely sick!!!! The mom needs a psychiatrist and eventually the son will too.

Oh goody. Another overprotected, upper middle class kid. Let go, Mom.

Are you kidding me? This is SO wrong I don’t know where to start! If your child can walk and talk, breast feeding time is over, if your child is in preschool breast feeding is DONE! And PS I don’t want to be in the market and see THIS! Give me a freaking BREAK!

Those are just some of the thousands of disgusted comments flying around the internet in response to the May 2012 issue of Time magazine, which has only hit the shelves today, but already has everyone talking.

The accompanying headline reads “ARE YOU MOM ENOUGH?” and in the piece it actually discusses attachment parenting and how Dr Bill Sears is a keen advocate for extended nursing, cosleeping and baby-wearing. The mother on the cover is 26 year old LA mom Jamie Lynne Grumet who was asked by Time about her experience of becoming a mom and breastfeeding, to which she replied

We were starting the process of adoption when I got pregnant. We weren’t expecting our biological son at all. He was born two months early, and preemies that age don’t have a sucking reflex. The nurses in the NICU [neonatal intensive care unit] — they kept trying to put him on formula. I couldn’t see him for three days because I was so sick. I was basically passed out from the medication they were giving me. My husband is so great — he would bring the equipment in and actually do the pumping while I was asleep. It was a full family effort. My mother breast-fed me until I was 6 years old, until I self-weaned. Her encouragement to breast-feed is why we were so successful.

And on her adopted son from Ethopia

We were able to bring our son home in November 2010. I know so many amazing women who have induced their lactation, but I had milk [from feeding my biological son]. I had one of the easier situations as far as adoptive breast-feeding is concerned, but it was considered extended breast-feeding. And it was transracial. And he was adopted. I was ready for attack as soon as I posted one of the pictures [on my blog].


You can read the full interview here (please keep in mind, this is not the article to which the cover refers to). You can also visit Jamie’s blog here.

But wait- who cares about any of that stuff?! Don’t you see this beautiful woman in her skinny jeans and toned arms with her HUGE kid propped up to her boob by a chair?! THAT’S THE IMPORTANT THING HERE, IT’S DISGUSTING!!

Oh, calm down people. Extended breastfeeding does exist. People cosleep with their older kids. And they all turn out great. And most importantly- the economy is bad and Time needs to sell magazines. Who nurses their child like that? I can guarantee even Jamie Lynne doesn’t. And he’s only 3 years old, but they’ve certainly dressed him to look older.

Shocking cover = people talking = curiosity = $$$$$ SALES $$$$$

They took plenty of other photos of women nursing their older children but they must’ve been considered not controversial enough to beat the one that made it.

Another photo in the Time article that did not make the cover

What irritates me the most? The headline. “ARE YOU MOM ENOUGH?” Great way to start mommy wars all over Twitter, Facebook and countless blogs, Time magazine. As if parenting wasn’t hard enough, let’s add fuel to the fire: a gorgeous, young mother, with her hand on her hip almost asking us “Are You Mom Enough?” It’s implying that she’s judging you for not breastfeeding.

We’re at a time in our lives where everyone judges everything we do, whether we post a picture on Facebook or Tweet about it. But motherhood should not have to be this hard. Dealing with our children everyday is hard enough without adding grown women throwing insults at one another for doing something that may not be right for their child, but is right for someone else’s. If everyone parented the same way, the world sure would be one boring place.

So, I will leave you with some of the positive comments I have read regarding Jamie Lynne’s decision to let her son self-wean.

 There’s no age limit, height limit or and developmental cut-off on breastfeeding YOUR child. As a mother it is your decision how you want to nourish your child whether bottle or breast the choice is solely yours. It’s beyond frustrating to see so many mothers with such judgmental views and the ick gross disgusting comments are immature and misplaced. I was given breasts to feed and nourish my offspring, they are solely for that purpose. I just wish people would be more supportive of moms in general it’s a damn hard job.

I just had a discussion with my 19 year old son about this cover photo, he hasn’t seen it, he’s playing a video game ATM. He was breastfed till age 5 and tandem with his little brother. He finds people being disgusted by breastfeeding a toddler according to it’s developmental need insane and ignorant. He was raised with attachment parenting and he feels we did the right thing. He is not a drug addict, not a criminal, no kids, and no debts. He has an amazing memory that reminds me of “Rainman”. I know his tender, nurturing start in life helped him to develop to his potential.

All my kids nursed till four and beyond and they are independent brilliant and certainly very normal. What we see here was the norm for thousands of years. Elizabethan soldiers nursed late. People ought to remember that a four year old will only quickly come for comfort when hurt or emotional and that nursing only happens on the odd occasion once they stop nursing upon waking or going to sleep. My four children are between 20 and 32 and healthy bright successful individuals.


What are your thoughts on Time magazine’s latest cover?