Time to Schedule That Mama Daughter Date

This week I read an amazing blog post. I’m sure some of you saw it, but if you didn’t … here it is.

Sarah’s words really struck me. First, because I’m tired and I too, both love and dread bedtime. Nothing like finding another mama who so eloquently phrases what is stuck in your mind. Second, because her post really tugged at my heart to give my daughter some extra time. To carve out some space in my life that isn’t grocery shopping or preschool drop off, rushing to bed or cooking dinner. Some time that’s just for her. Time without interruption or a to do list.

At just three years old my girl fills the role of big sister and mama’s helper and she fills them well. I find myself expecting a lot of her because so often she acts incredibly capable. But truly she’s just a little girl. So even though I’m tired, I want to go the extra mile to make her feel special.

Enter … the mama daughter date. mama daughter dateTo show my girl an extra dose of love and appreciation we’re going to head out. Once a month or so, to a destination of her choice. If I had my guess she’s going to request an ice cream cone or a stroll through Trader Joe’s … maybe the park. We’ll see what suits her fancy. Our little date will be just us – no brother in sight. And without a real agenda we’ll be able to chat and sing and really grow our relationship. I may even modify some of these pillow talk questions to launch our conversations.

So, mama daughter dates … do you do them? Where would your daughter choose to go with you?

And yes, in case you were wondering, mama son dates are on my radar 🙂