Tiny Love Musical Nature Stroll Review

A fabulous toy that will stimulate your baby’s senses as well as entertain them during car rides and stroller outings.

My baby hates riding in the car. I’ve heard tales of children who fall asleep the instant the car starts, giving parents a much-deserved moment of silence. I have never experienced that. My child would scream bloody murder the second I strapped her into the infant seat. The screaming ensued until I reached my destination, raced to her side of the car, and released her from the Chamber of Torture (aka the car seat).

The Tiny Love Musical Nature Stroll car seat and stroller arch has been the single best tool I have to combat my baby’s car phobia. The day I installed it is the day the screaming stopped. Seven months into my child’s life and it still keeps her amused and distracted during car rides.

I received the Tiny Love Musical Nature Stroll car seat and stroller arch as a baby shower gift and didn’t think much of it. I put it away with the other toys, expecting to use later, when she was at least three months old. Well, after just a few weeks of truly nightmarish car rides, I decided it was time to break it out of its box.

Attaching the toy was easy. On both ends of the arch are unique attachment clips that pinch the sides of the car seat. You tighten the clips by twisting an apparatus just above them. The clips are edged with rubber to prevent them from slipping off the sides of the car seat or stroller. They also have a wide range of motion, allowing the arch to be attached to a variety of widths. I can attach it to the widest part of my Graco Snugride infant seat as well as the sides of my Bob Revolution stroller.

The arch is flexible, so it can easily be angled towards or away from baby. Tiny Love recommends that the arch be placed 8-12 inches away from the baby’s face, which is the optimal distance for visual stimulation. I find this feature especially useful when taking my baby in and out of the car seat. I love that the arch does not have to be removed and reattached every time we get in and out of the car.

The Tiny Love Musical Nature stroll arch has several stimulating features. It has a hanging mirror that plays music. The Tiny Love website states that the musical arch plays three tunes. Mine only plays one though. The tune that mine plays is light and easy on the ears. It consists of a quick burst of music that is only activated by baby’s touch. I am grateful that the music is pleasant and short. Plus, it gives my baby an incentive to make contact with the mirror. When my baby was about two months old, she would stare at the mirror trying to kick it with her feet. I’m surprised that the intensity of her concentration didn’t burn hole in it. That’s how into it she was. Now she grabs the mirror, intentionally activates the music, and puts it in her mouth for further exploration.

The arch also has a propeller with a short pulley that has a teethier attached to the end of it. My teething baby loves to chew on the rubber handle, which pulls the string that activates the propeller. At first she used the handle to practice grasping objects. Now she can intentionally pull the propeller, taking delight in the cause and effect she has created for herself. 

The other features of the Tiny Love Musical Nature Stroll car seat and stroller arch include a transparent lion prism and a parrot-shaped rattle. Both the prism and the parrot are surrounded in crinkly fabric. These features are colorful and provide visual stimulation for young infants. As babies grow and develop, they stimulate their sense of touch by grabbing the toys, putting them in their mouth, and enjoying the different textures of each toy.

As my baby has gotten older and her fine motor skills have improved, I have attached my own toys to the arch. I also periodically rotate the arch so she can practice using her new skills with both hands. She loves the variety this gives her.

I love this toy for a multitude of reasons. Tiny Love is known for providing superior developmental toys for babies and children. The Tiny Love Musical Nature Stroll car seat and stroller arch is a toy that stimulates a baby’s sense of hearing, vision, and touch. It aids in developing fine motor skills and enhances cognitive development. It is a toy that has lasted through several developmental stages in my baby’s life. Mostly, I love this toy because it makes riding in the car an enjoyable experience for everyone.

I recommend the Tiny Love Musical Nature Stroll car seat and stroller arch to any parent that is looking for an entertaining and stimulating car seat or stroller toy that really goes the distance.

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– Contributed by Morgan

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