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  1. When I need to BF in public, I cover-up with a sarong instead of a blanket. They are thin enough that they fold tiny and take up almost no room in the diaper bag (or a coat pocket). They are also thin enough that they don’t overheat baby! Plus they are pretty. If baby is trying to tear the cover off, I clip it to my shirt with a hair clip.

  2. When we visited the US last year i breastfed my 7 month old boy most everywhere. Even sitting on the floor in the immigration line (where we were stuck for 2½ hours). And hardly anyone noticed, most people thought I was just holding him.

    A mom of three even asked i he did’t need to feed, and I said “I’m (breast)feeding him right now” and she looked at me like she didn’t believe me.

    My tip is to wear a looser top over a tight strechy tank-top whith 2(-3) inch slits cut over the nipples (and a good nursing bra under). Then you never show any extra skin, the babys mouth cover most of the skin peaking through the hole and the rest is covered by his/her face)

    You don´t have to carry blankets and stuff around. Just wear nice clothes 🙂

  3. My biggest tip is make sure you are comfortable. If you aren’t comfortable, it will be hard for baby to nurse. I breastfeed my babies anywhere and everywhere….though I’ve never done it in a bathroom. A comfortable place to sit with no one sitting in my elbow space is best for me. And if I am shopping, I usually breastfeed in the car because the steering wheel entertains my toddler while I feed the baby.

  4. I refuse to nurse in a bathroom. It is just nasty. I usually will just use my nursing cover if I am in a resteraunt but in a store I will go in a dressing room. They usually have a seat and my crazy baby can be uncovered.

  5. I’ve breastfed all 3 of my kids till they were 2. My oldest being 16 and the youngest 18 months. With the oldest no nursing cover. I was always in bathrooms, car, empty room. With my current little one I bf anywhere ask the time. With my bebe Au lait. Just place him in my ergo and go about my business in public. Just looks like he’s sleeping and wants privacy. Best tip, if you don’t have nursing tanks I use stretchy material tank tops under all my tops makes me feel more discreet and secure that my stuff isn’t hanging all out. Lol

  6. – If you notice people staring, make eye contact with them and smile (a nice smile). People will smile and then look away.
    – Just keep doing it, the more you do it the easier it will get and you will find yourself nursing all kinds of places!
    – I actually find it easier to nurse discretely in busier places. The busier it is the less likely I am to be noticed.

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