To Share or Not To Share Your Coveted Baby-Sitter?

Let’s face it — the playground can be a nasty, vicious battleground.  And I’m not even referring to daredevil Jacob on the jungle gym or moody Isabella not wanting to share her swing.  It’s the moms we usually have to look out for and watch our backs.

One of the greatest challenges facing moms is finding someone reliable and responsible enough to take care of your children when you can’t be there with them.  Even an episode of Nick Jr’s Olivia was devoted to the mom interviewing potential candidates.  Ultimately it was “Grand Muchi” who returned early from a trip to stay with her grandpigs while mom and dad went out to dinner to celebrated their anniversary.

So once you manage to find the perfect baby-sitter, one of the most contentious problems is do you want to share your fantastic, trust-worthy sitter with your friends?

On the one hand, it would seem proper to be a good friend and neighbor and share your incredible find with others.  After all, haven’t you ever needed to borrow a cup of sugar?

On the other hand, sharing your sitter with others might very well mean that this sitter who your kids adore and feel so comfortable with is unavailable when YOU need her/him most.  Do you loan your husband out?

This is surely a modern dilemna that only the ancient wisdom of a Solomon could solve.  Or is it?

What do you think?  Please share your experiences on this very hot topic.