To The Mom Who Takes Over Her Preschooler’s Crafts

Photo Source: She Knows

I’m a little confused. I just got back from a mommy and me session for 3-5 year olds, in which the kids were making a really sweet keepsake gift their Daddies for Father’s Day. Except that out of everyone there, I think 40% were kids were making the gift, while the other 60% were the moms.

I had to double, triple check- did I walk into some kind of parallel universe “Preschooler Gift Making Class For Adults”?

These painted gifts were ending up to be total perfection. Not the fingerprint covered, mixed colors, messy-but-full-of-love gifts our parents would receive, but the perfect, not a dab of paint out of place, Instagram/Facebook worthy highly exquisite pieces of artwork our generation are now passing along.

I actually watched a 3 year old yelling “I want to do it!” while the mother calmly replied “Okay, but DON’T mess it up.” Excuse me, the whole point of being 3 is that you MESS IT UP! Are we raising children or 3 feet tall adults?!  Another sweet mom was asking her daughter “Why do you go outside the lines?” It was almost as if she was waiting for her to reply “Well mother, I go outside the lines simply to annoy you” to which she would most likely have replied “I thought so.”

Another kid was running around the place while the mom was painting. I kid you not. When she tried to get him to sit, he didn’t want to. I usually feel for the mom, but this I totally understood her son’s pain. Hey, who wants to sit and watch their mom paint?! Gimme the brush!

I think if someone had filmed us, we would have all seen the craziness of the situation.

When we receive a gift from a 3-5 year old, are we expecting perfection? No! The wacky painting is all part of what makes it theirs and most importantly, theirs at 3 years old. This will not be them at 25 mom, so don’t worry! Although…. it may be if you carry on doing it for them. They won’t have any faith in their own capabilities and will just come to expect that you’ll finish off their craft, their science projects, there’s no end in sight!

Keep in mind, our kids are not trying to annoy us by messing up their paints, they’re just trying to have fun. 🙂 Yes, the googly eyes may be out of place, the hat might be upside down, but it’s their masterpiece so let them enjoy it. And you can look back in fifteen years and have a real good laugh about it together.