Today Is World Babywearing Education Day!

Today Is World Babywearing Education Day!

I distinctly remember the first time I saw a mom babywearing. It was shortly after my wedding and I was at the REI Garage Sale. She had her little one wrapped in a long, soft piece of fabric and her baby was quietly sleeping while she shopped. I leaned over to my mom and said, “I’m totally going to get something like that when I have a baby.” She encouraged me to ask the mom what it was called so I could add it to my someday registry. It was a Moby Wrap, of course! I logged away those 2 words and sure enough when I was pregnant a few years later, a Moby was one of the first things I added to my baby registry.

From there I tried out a soft structure carrier and then a ring sling. By the time my third baby arrived I added wraps to my babywearing stash. All of this babywearing lingo and experience didn’t come naturally though. I needed help. I asked friends, attended babywearing meetings, and watched YouTube videos to learn how to safely wear my baby and that is what World Babywearing Education Day is all about!

“The purpose of World Babywearing Education Day is to make babywearing education mainstream, debunk the myths surrounding it, and educating families about its crucial role in child development. We also want to celebrate babywearing educators who work tirelessly to educate families on a local, national and international level. On the day, we would like parents, educators, and medical professionals to share their experiences and ask questions on babywearing.” Xza Higgins, Founder, MommyCon

lillebaby babywearing

Today, to celebrate babywearing and join in World Babywearing Education Day you can share your own babywearing experience wherever is easiest for you – blog about it, post a photo on Facebook or Instagram, or simply have a conversation with a friend (or stranger!) about something you love about babywearing or something you’d like to try. However you choose to participate, feel free to post your link here so it can be shared with others. And don’t forget to use these hashtags: #worldbabywearing #WEAR #babywearingrocks to connect with the babywearing community.

If babywearing is new to you, today is your day to dive in head first! Babywearing is fun, beneficial to both mom and baby, and uncomplicated when you partner with local and online resources. If you’d like to learn more about babywearing (and I promise, there is always more to learn!) research a babywearing meet up that is local to you. I have never met more friendly and inviting women than at babywearing meetings. They are eager to share their knowledge, loan carriers from their group’s library, and become your best friends as you journey through similar motherhood experiences.

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