Tommee Tippee Explora Cup Giveaway

Congrats to our winner of the Tommee Tippee Cups –

Annie C.

We decided to do  quick one-day giveaway today just to celebrate that it is Friday. We are giving away a Tommee Tippee Explora Cup Set (that means two!) to one lucky Baby Gizmo reader. This is the great sippy cup (which my son loves!) that we reviewed a week or so ago. Remember, our little testers did the video? Check it out here if you missed it.

Today we are having one of the easiest giveaways ever. One day. One comment. You are entered. Done.

No giveaway entry forms or extra entries or jumping through hoops for this one. Just leave us a comment at the bottom of this post (under “leave a reply) that you would like to win a Tommee Tippee cup. Maybe say something nice about us? Or not? 🙂

Giveaway starts NOW and ends at 11:59pm EST tonight (Friday, May 18, 2012). One winner will be chosen with and will receive a set of two Tommee Tippee Explora Sippy Cups. It’s that easy. Oh yeah, we gotta keep this one to US only. Sorry about that.

Tommee Tippee Explora Cup Giveaway

* I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups. I received a Tommee Tippee Explora Sippy Cup product as well as a promotional item as a thanks for my participation.


  1. Thanks much for recommending these cups. No more milk on the couch. 🙂 Would love a couple more so my guys have a choice of designs.

  2. Hello Hollie, I’ve. Tried 5 different type of zippy cups for my 11month old. It would be great if I can try these for free and she actually likes it, without me spending more money. Thanking you u in advance

  3. Just started following baby gizmo after my mom
    And sister suggested I do.., already learned much useful information ! Thanks !

  4. Would like to win because sippy cups seem to disappear into thin air some times…….? Kind of like the dryer monster who eats socks.

  5. We would absolutely love to win these cups. Haven’t gotten to try this brand yet, but hear great things. BTW, you guys are awesome. Love how you keep us all up-to-date on the latest baby/child info and you absolutely hands down have the greatest giveaways!

  6. You , Your site and Web links you put up are great. I come to your page all the time to see what you and other mom think about something I my be looking at tho buy. and the Tommy tippy Sippys are the wonderful …Ohhh I hope I win!

  7. We’ve gone through a zillion sippy cups, trying to find one that doesn’t leak EVERYWHERE! Maybe Tommee Tippee can give us a break!

  8. I am with you, my almost 3 year old still uses a sippy cup most of the time! :p It just so much easier than having to worry about spills! Especially when we are on the go… I have a 7 month old to chase around as well that has started using sippy cups too, so I would love to win these, thanks for another awesome giveaway BabyGizmo!

  9. I would love my son to try these cups! We are new to everything, since he is our first! It’s so great that babygizmo does so many giveaways and reviews on products. There are some things that I did/didn’t buy based on your reviews! Thanks!

  10. I would love to win these Tommee Tippee cups because around here, we never seem to have enough sippy cups… plus, we already love the brand 🙂 Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  11. I need these I have gone through so many sippy cups and at some point they all leak I love that these don’t leak at all!!!

  12. I would love to try the tommee tippee explora cups for my daughter and see how well they work. I love that you have these giveaways it’s such an amazing and wonderful thing you do. If I won you would make me so happy especially after the year I’ve been having.

  13. i have two kids who use sippy cups, and they need to be replaced cuz they are gross…..could always use free ones 🙂

  14. Oh I would love to win these for my son! Thanks for this opportunity, you guys rock and so do your reviews!

  15. Would love to win. ALL our sippy cups leak. I’m hoping to find just one that works and I’ll throw the rest out!

  16. Hey Hollie I think you and the Baby Gizmo site is wonderful! I really trust your reviews and love seeing the products in action and knowing all about them before I purchase them. Thanks for all you do! My son would love some new cups. These look great.

  17. My son would love to try a new sippy, he feels like such a big boy when he uses a big cup! Baby Gizmo is awesome, thanks for the give-away!

  18. I just bought these last weekend for my picky baby, she’s almost two and absolutely refuses to give her bottle up…and will only drink juice out of cups…LOVE these. AND I tried them just because of you!

  19. Those cups are great! My little girl would love them. Thanks Baby Gizmo for always bringing us the newest and latest things.

  20. I would like to win because I keep hearing such great things about this company but have yet to try them! We have a 20 month old who still uses sippy cups when we are out and about and baby #4 is one the way as well!


  21. I LOVE these cups!! They truly are spill proof but easy for my daughter to drink out of! I would love to win a set of these, thanks BABY GIZMO for all your wonderful help with the myriad of baby products out there!

  22. Love Tommie tippee. Their soft spout sipper was the only sippy my baby would accept for the first few months of her sippy career. Thanks for all the giveaways (eventhough I have never won), you guys rock!

  23. I have looked at these many times in Target but haven’t bought them..Yet! Hope I win and don’t have too 🙂


  24. Baby Gizmo is awesome. I have been searching high and low for these cups! I have 14 month old twins that use sippys and the mess is horrible. WE NEED THESE CUPS!

  25. This would be a nice giveaway to win from baby gizmo because I have 2 grandkids and they could keep these at my house.

  26. I love all of Baby Gizmo’s reviews! My son is so hard in his sippy cups and they always leak. This spill proof cup would be amazing!

  27. I would love tO win a fabulous Tommee Tippee sippy cup. I loved their bottles am sure this product will be just as great! Thanks Baby Gizmo!

  28. I drove 2 hours to our nearest Target to get these cups after reading your review. Thankfully they had 1 pair left. They are the best! Would love another pair without having to make the drive again.

  29. Would love to win some new cups! We are always on the hunt for great sippies and if BabyGizmo says they’re great, they must be!

  30. Would love to try these out after hearing the wonderful review on them! Baby Gizmo’s videos are soo helpful!! Thanks 🙂

  31. Love that you are always keeping us well-informed and well-stocked with all these giveaways. I’d love to win these cups.

  32. I love trommee tippee bottles & cups and would LOVE to win these cups to try. I also love you baby gizmo, I always go to you for reviews on products. Love your videos!

  33. We loved this brand of bottles. I would love to try the soppy cups! Thanks for being awesome Baby Gizmo! I love reading your posts and reviews!

  34. I tried what feels like every cup when I had my son and this was the winner, by far. Now my daughter is just about the age for these sippys and I’m sure she’d love them, I know I would 🙂

  35. Would love to have a sippy cup that will not leak for my 1 year old. The ones we have now make a mess every time. We love Baby Gizmo in our house 🙂

  36. I would love to try these new sippy cups out for my little guy! Tommee tippee was the brand of bottle we used and I loved them.

  37. I love their cups and have recomended them to pleople who hate all the other because of leaks. It’s so much fun to their faces when u turn the cup upside down to prove it doesn’t leak

  38. I didn’t get any sleep last night due to the fact my infant was crying in his sleep in his bed in the room next to mine. But anyways. Love Tommy Tippee and Love Baby Gizmo

  39. I LOVE these cups! I have these exact ones for my toddler and its all I will be using for his new little brother! So I would love to win them, save me some $$

  40. Love baby gizmo, such a great resource and fun!! Always wanted to try these tommee yippee sippys, they sound great. Perfect for #3. Thanks

  41. I have heard so many great reviews about these cups! this is a great great one day giveaway thank you 🙂

  42. I love my Tommee Tippee bottles!! Haven’t tried the sippy cup yet, but would love to win!! Thanks Baby Gizmo for an awesome giveaway!!

  43. I have been looking for a good cup for my son and havent been able to find one..this one looks like a great one and id be excited to get it for him!! Oh, and i love your site, seriously. :)))

  44. I love your reviews! I have never seen these cups in store and they look pretty well made, were definitely in desperate need for new cups all of my 2yo’s cups are ‘spill proof’ but somehow they always LEAK would love to win these and test them out 🙂

  45. Would absolutely love to win these for my son! I am so sick of his cups leaking and was actually going to be heading to go get some soon! It would be so much better to get them from the awesome Baby Gizmo!

  46. I would love, love to win a set of 2 Tommee Tippee cups!!
    Love baby gizmo and all there giveaways an product reviews they do, you guys are awesome!!!

  47. I would like to win a Tommee Tippee cup. I love Baby Gizmo! You can’t find a better video review of baby gear.

  48. We would really love to win a Tommee Tippee cup just so we can experience the awesomeness that our friends have been experiencing already!

  49. Happy Friday! Thank you Baby Gizmo for your generous giveaways and awesomely cool blog! Would love to win a set of Tommee Tippee Explora Sippy Cups for my baby girl! 🙂

  50. oh Tommee Tippee Explora Cups you’re the one i’m looking for, you’re the perfect one for my daughter. How i wish you’ll be mine now.

  51. I would LOVE to win the Tommee Tippee set! This blog is amazing and has truly changed the way I feel about blogs. Keep up the good work!

  52. We looove this sippy cup… we actually have 3 sets of them (6 cups). We love how the valve is easy to take out to clean and separate the white valve and clear valve and we never have leaks.

    Hope to win since we need a couple more 🙂

  53. I could really use more of theseTommee Tippee sippy cups. My DS are still leak free after a year of use.

  54. This great-aunt has only glass and china in the house and really would like these for when her great-nieces and nephews come to visit. Heaven knows how many of these cups I’ve bought for others, but never any to keep at my place.

  55. I would love to try and win these. It’s so hard to find the right sippy cup for my son, this seems like a good one.

  56. I would love to win tommee tippee sippy cup!!!! ^_____________^*
    Babygizmo has been always there for me when i was getting prepared for my very first child. The demo video was very helpful for me to compare each products! BabyGizmo’s the Number1!!! 🙂

  57. Love Tommee Tipped products .. I also love all ur blogs and reviews have bought lots of things after watching your videos 🙂 So thank you

  58. I have tried every sippy cup with my daughter and she always makes a mess, I’d love to win these & try ’em! Btw, easy giveaways are the way to go!

  59. I would love to win this set sippies for my guys! You can never have to many of them! Thanks for all your amazing reviews and giveaways! Always looking forward to seeing whats next!

  60. I would LOVE to win these for my grand son. Perfect and I love these. Nice of you to have a quickie giveaway. Good luck all.

  61. Would love to win this for my little girl. Thank you for all that you do, and for giving us the opportunity to win those awesome prizes,that I normally wouldn’t be able to afford ( strollers ) . Proud that you are from my hometown of Chicago .

  62. Yes!! Its friday and love this idea , theres no other way to end the last day of the week.. BABY GIZMO is one of my favorites because the always thing about the parents and how much we spend on baby products , and the way that they always give us a lil helping hand its just awesome. Ilove them .. P.s my baby rlly wants this prize hehe adios =D

  63. We would LOVE to win some Tommee Tippee cups! We have a set of toddler cups by Tommee Tippee, but not the Explora cups. Would love to try them!
    Love the Baby Gizmo site & all the great information you guys & gals provide. Thank you for that! :o)

  64. My daughter LOVES these. I would LOVE to win them for her. I love Baby Gizmo and really enjoy all the informative reviews!

  65. I would love tor try these cups to transition my 1year old from bottle to cup..Thanks baby gizmo lie reading your blog:)

  66. We go through sippy cups so quickly and I know any cups recommended by you, Holly, are sure to be great ones!

  67. I would really love to win a Tommee Tippee Explora cup set! I recommend you to all parents looking for strollers 😉

  68. I would love to win a Tommee Tippee cup! We really need a leak free cup. Love your reviews, I watched a lot of them when looking for a double stroller!

  69. I would LOVE to win a Tommee tippee explora cup set!

    O! And Baby Gizmo is thee best! (:
    Love checking out your videos when I’m looking into baby products!!!

  70. I would love these cups for when my nieces and nephews visit I have a new house and love to keep
    my carpets clean.

  71. What an excellent give away ive heard So much about these cups and havent been able to experience the greatness about them! Would love to win the Tommee Tippee cups!:) Baby Gizmo gives away great items all the time and this is just one of them!:)

  72. Our 5-week old loves his Tommee Tippee bottles, so why wouldn’t he love these (when the time comes.)?! Just wish they were more gende neutral colors 🙂

  73. My daughter would love these (ok, I would too ;-)) Thanks for all you do providing us consumers the smarts we need when it’s time to shop.

  74. I’d love for my daughter (and eventually my son) to try these cups! I think all the giveaways you do are great (and they’d be even better if I won!). 🙂

  75. I would love to try these!! I have heard such great things about them!! Love all yall’s reviews and giveaways! 🙂

  76. Baby Gizmo has given me several answers to my “mom” questions over the last couple years! It is hard to raise kids and who would understand better than another mom?! Thanks Baby Gizmo!! I would love to win!!

  77. Hey! You have been a real help to me from the time I found out I was pregnant til now… Ava is 17 months old today! Anywho… I’d love to win a new Tommee Tippee cup! Thanks and goodnight!

  78. I’d love to win the tommee tippee explora sippies! Not only do my kids need them,but I also saw baby gizmo’s review on how they don’t spill 🙂

  79. I would LOVE to win this cup! I have been trying to find them since reading your review but they’re always sold out locally and amazon is selling them for twice the price I could get them in store 🙁 Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  80. Is it wrong to say I remember Tommee Tippee cups from when I was a little girl? (I’m an ‘over 40) foster mom of medically fragile babies. Tommee Tippee and I go back a loooong way, with many of my kiddos over the years drinking from the different styles. Keep it up Tommee Tippee!!! I would love some new ones!


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