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  1. I can’t get my cups to not leak. Just got them, washed and put some juice in it, then just spill every where. Anyone know why they leak? Should I return them? Am I putting it together wrong?

  2. I would love to win the Tommy Sippie Explora Cuppy for my daughter she has gone through so many cuppies and most of them have spilled all over stuff and even as thrown her cuppy while throwing a tantrum and liquid goes everywhere. With Tomme Tippie Explora Cuppy I would not have to worry about anything!

  3. I would love to try these. I have trie 3 other brand and they have leaked. It seems like theybarevalways leaking when we are in the car.

  4. I just have to say that your daughter did an awesome job with the review. Just like mom! My kids are begging me to show them the video again.

  5. Mine leak too 🙁 like Sue said they must pressurize and sometimes they leak out the spout and other times through the center pressure valve.

  6. I have the other stages and these and they ALL leak! Bummer bc I lOve the look and ease of it . So I was sad that all of them have leaked. hope everyone else doesn’t have same problem

  7. I have these cups as well and they do leak every once in a while. It’s almost as if they get pressurized inside and it starts to come out the spout. But yes, I love them anyway…the most leak proof cup yet.

  8. I am very interested in knowing what baby gizmo thinks of the Peg Perego UNO stroller as i am having a difficult time finding any information on this product. I LOVE all your video reviews , especially those of strollers and would like to hear your thoughts regarding the UNO.

    Thank YOU.

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