Top 10 Outdoor Toys for Summertime Fun

Pamela Brill is a professional magazine editor and writer whose work has appeared in such national publications as Parents, Pregnancy & Newborn and Woman’s Day magazines. She’s also the mother of two girls, ages 10 and 6, and yes, her house is noisy. When Pam isn’t busy shuttling her kiddos around town or finding new ways to surprise and amaze her Frozen-obsessed daughters, she can be found reviewing the latest and greatest toys and secretly snacking on Gummi Bears. She lives with her family in Northport, N.Y.

School’s almost out, and that means plenty of time to get outside and play. Here are our picks for the latest and greatest toys for the park, beach or even your own backyard!

  1. Crayola’s Grab ‘n Go Games take basic sidewalk chalk and kick it up a notch with plenty of activities. Each portable kit comes with four sticks of chalk and ideas for outdoor fun, from floor hockey to obstacle courses.
  2. Hasbro’s Nerf Bash Ball is the ultimate backyard toy, no matter what sport you’re playing. This easy-to-grip, easy-to-catch ball is lightweight and perfect for a game of catch, soccer or volleyball.
  3. Lazer Pitch Baseball lets kids practice their swing at their own pace with a pitching machine that works at the press of a button. .Print
  4. Can ‘N Ball adds a new twist to the game of catch with tennis cans that players use to volley the ball back and forth. .
  5. The Fubbles Bubbles Froggy makes for fun and safe bubble blowing with a specially designed wand that keeps the soap bubbles away from kids’ mouths.
  6. The Yardboard is all-terrain, down-hill sliding board that lets kids “snowboard” on dry surfaces like grassy backyards.
  7. At the push of a button, the electric-powered three-wheeler Razor PowerRider 360 lets kids cruise and spin up to 9 mph.
  8. Mounted below a child’s bike seat, the Fuze Bike Bubbler leaves a trail of bubbles as they pedal.
  9. Pogo the NSG Condor isn’t your average pogo stick. For ages 9 and up, this toy lets kids jump up to four feet in the air!
  10. Smack Ball invites kids to keep the ball in the air as long as possible, and doesn’t require a net or court—perfect for pick-up play anywhere.