Top 10 Ways to make Father’s Day a Huge Success

Here is your guide to make this Father’s Day a smashing success. Follow one or all of the tips below and show dad just how much you love and care.

1. Wrap up the remote control like a gift and write a note that says “Free Pass- Good for unlimited use. Valid only 6/19/2011”

2. Give dad a coupon from each kid. Help them come up with something special that depicts their individual personalities. For instance… My kids would give my husband “I will not ask to play on your computer today”- signed, the 8-year-old. and “I promise to tell you when I need to go pee pee in the potty”- signed, the 3-year-old. and “I promise to not blow your ear drums out today… I will turn the other way when I scream… or at least I’ll try”- signed, the 18-month-old.

3. Go shopping the day before and buy his favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts.

4. Go shopping the day before and buy his favorite snacks.

5. Head to the park, beach or field (depending on where you live) and set up a tripod… or bring someone with you. Take family pictures of everyone smothering dad in kisses.

6. Go to the movie store and pick out his favorite movie. If it’s family-friendly, watch it as a family and if it’s not suitable for kids, make it a movie night after the kids go to bed. Don’t forget the popcorn. Or Kettlecorn for my husband.

7. What sport is on this time of year again? Oh, baseball. Let dad watch as much baseball as he wants (and maybe go pick up a few of his favorite drinks).

8. Leave love notes (from the kids) all over the house. This is the perfect time to gather up all the artwork from the end of the school year and then? have your kids write a note on them!

9. Set up camp in your backyard! My husband is dying to do a camp out in our yard.. I just might surprise him and set up a mock campsite. Maybe.

10. I don’t think I can write about this one… 😉