Top Picks for a Fashionista

I’ve got this one friend who is impossible to shop for. She has incredible personal style. Just when I think I’ve sort of pulled myself together, she shows up wearing the most amazing accessory or the perfect lipstick. She is a true Fashionista.

A Fashionista appreciates a thoughtful and unique gift. Gift cards are always appreciated, but the consideration, time, and energy is what really counts with her. At least one of the items on this list is going to make it under my Fashionista’s tree this year.

My top picks for a Fashionista:

A morse coded necklace that spells “friend” from COATT– $36.00

Buy a matching one! It’s like a grown-up version of a “BFF” broken heart necklace.

Chiffon Pom Pom Shoe Clips from– $25.00

Carrie Bradshaw would totally covet these.

Beaded Headband from Old Soul, New Heart– $35

The Perfect Holiday Hair Accessory

Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia from Amazon– $9.24

Personal style advice that even a trend-setter can appreciate.

Flip and Tumble 24/7 Reusable Bag from Amazon– $9.00

Way more chic and environmentally friendly than an ordinary plastic bag. Plus, it conveniently rolls up into a peach-sized ball.

Rachel Zoe Faux Fur Pull Through Scarf from QVC– $29.00

It’s bananas. I die.

Silk Jewelry Pouch with Ribbon Closure from J Crew– $39.50

Every fashionista needs to travel with her jewelry.

Jonathan Adler Elephants White Salt and Pepper Shakers from Amazon– $53.00

A stylish and whimsical accent to any dining area.


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Morgan is a Domestic Goddess and mother to two girls, Big Chick and Baby Chick. Before she became a mother in 2007, she worked as a nanny for three different families. This means that she has had goldfish stuck to her car floor for a very long time. While Morgan loves all baby and child related gear, she has a particular fondness for strollers. When Morgan isn't outside enjoying the Southern California weather, she also writes for her own website:

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Yes, that scarf? Total bananas!

Hollie Schultz

Yep, I ordered that scarf in black for my mom! It really is pretty cool! Hope she likes it!