Top Picks for Cool Summer Shades

Top Picks for Cool Summer Shades

Top Picks for Cool Summer ShadesI don’t know about you, but I never leave the house without my sunglasses.  I always keep a pair in the car and have a couple pairs stashed around the house, just in case.  I will admit that they are probably my favorite way to accessorize my outfit, and I secretly feel a little more rock star-ish when I have on a really great pair of shades! 

After the long, dark days of winter, sunny days are here!  Have a super cool kiddo who loves the sun?  Protect those precious little eyes and make a statement while you’re at it.  There’s just something so cute about a little one in shades…..I can’t help but smiling!

 Top Picks for Cool Summer Shades


For the little diva in your life, check out these girly glasses from Baby Banz.  Available in both baby and kid’s sizes, these Retro Banz sport large sized lenses and an included bag for added protection.  Your kiddo will look so cool that you might just be a little jealous that Baby Banz doesn’t make an adult version.      

 Top Picks for Cool Summer Shades

For the latest and greatest shades available from Baby Banz, be sure to take a look at Adventure Banz.  These are still the same great Baby Banz with a few fantastic improvements.  A comfortable, flexible nose and brow piece was added to the original Baby Banz, making a good design ever better.  What?  Baby sunglasses that don’t come off?  These sunglasses have a wraparound, Velcro adjustable neoprene strap to help keep them in place.  They even make a version with polarized lenses for maximum sun protection.  With all these improvements, your child might actually keep these shades on.


Top Picks for Cool Summer ShadesWorried that your little one is too tough on sunglasses?  Julbo has you covered.  These frames are made of a high grade shock resistant material with optical grade category 4 lenses for minimal light transmission.  The really neat thing about these cool shades is that they are flexible and reversible; there’s no wrong way to put them on!  The wrap around styling makes it hard for little hands to yank them off, and the included head strap is fully adjustable to fit any size head. 


Top Picks for Cool Summer ShadesWe all know that protecting our little ones’ sight is extremely important, regardless of their age.  Frubi Shades has really taken this to heart.  All sunglasses manufactures by Frubi have an EPF factor of 99.5, the highest in the sunglasses industry.  The wraparound styling of their foam frames has been certified non-toxic and the frames are fully shatter resistant.  The best thing is that these babies float!  I can’t tell you how many pairs of sunglasses we’ve lost at the lake. 


Top Picks for Cool Summer ShadesFor the older child and toddler, Sun Smarties are a great bet.  Kids love them because they’re comfortable.  Moms love them because they’re bendable.  No more broken frames!  Sum Smarties also have a line of fashion and aviator shades for babies that include a neoprene headband.  Cool and functional at the same time?  It just doesn’t get any better than that. 

 Top Picks for Cool Summer Shades

The newest launch in the world of baby shades is Sunzeez.  Designed to protect the eyes of babies under one year old, Sunzeez are an ultra lightweight tinted film that are specifically made with the smallest infants in mind.  These feather light lenses are just that – lenses.  Sunzeez don’t have the regular ear hooks or head straps of most traditional sunshades.  These innovative lenses are simply secured to the baby’s temples by memory touch edge banding.  I can’t see these working for older infants, but they would be a great option for newborns and the very youngest of babies.

The most important consideration when shopping for sunglasses for your kiddos (besides the coolness factor) is to find a pair that your child is comfortable wearing.  No frames can shield their eyes if your child won’t keep them on!

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