Top Picks for Gifts for Your Babysitter

Let’s be real: Babysitters want  cold hard cash.

All mothers know how hard a great babysitter is to come by. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I keep my babysitter’s contact info locked in the safe behind my closet. There is no way I’m giving out her phone number. I’m even hesitant to use her real name in conversation.

The holiday season is the perfect time to really suck up to the person who you trust to take care of your kids almost as well as you can. Heck- my babysitter is better than me in lots of ways. She can sit on the floor and play blocks for hours. She knows all the words to the best kid’s songs, and she can really dress Barbie in a slammin’ outfit.

Not only am I going to slip my babysitter a fat wad of cash next time she comes over, but I’m going to get her a little something extra too. I’d like to think of this gesture as insurance. You know, in case someone else tries to snatch her up from under my nose (over my dead body).

Here are my top picks for gifts for your babysitter (don’t forget to include the cash):

The Twilight Saga:Eclipse (2-Disc Special Edition) DVD from Amazon-  $17.99

If your babysitter is female, there is a very good chance that she will enjoy this movie.

Owl Coin Purse from Uncommon Goods– $4.99

You know, so she has something to hold all that cash.

Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Mini Rollerball Coffret from Sephora– $15.00

These characters are almost as cute as my babysitter is.

Skullcandy Earbuds from Amazon– $13.06

These cool earbuds come in other color combinations that are great for male and female sitters.

Retro MP3 Speaker Amp from Amazon– $19.99

A unique and affordable accessory for a music-loving babysitter.

Bacon Bandaids from Amazon– $8.21

Totally weird, but hilarious.

Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet from Amazon– $42.00

Your babysitter will be blinging (do the kids still say that?) in this bracelet.

In & Out Burger Gift Card– Prices Vary

Treat your sitter to a mackin’ meal (why do I feel hungry all of a sudden?).

Hooded Scarf from Mossimo– $16.99

Pick one of these up for yourself too. They are totally cute.

Leg Resource Women’s Teddy Bear Boot Slipper from Betsey Johnson– $19.99

Ok. You might need a pair of these too.

Star Wars Storm Trooper USB Port 4GB from Amazon– 34.99

A little nerdy and a little cool- a winning combination.

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