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  1. another great beach item would be the KId co go pod. I saw your summer fun review and had to run out and get it. IT IS AMAZING, i love this thing! folds up sooo easy pops ound baby loves having toys right there in reach, only downside is i have to put a huggababy in it or he will sit o low to play. but beach towels would do the same thing as the huggababy, thats why i say that the go-pod would be great for the beach.

  2. I know this sounds kind of redneck, but since you suggested the mesh baby seat, we take my daughter’s Summer Infant bath tub to grandma’s pool. I fill it up with water from the pool and throw in some pool toys. It is big enough for her to play in and stay entertained without her running to the pool. Since she is 9 months old and walking, she doesn’t quite understand “no”, so I will try anything!

  3. Hi Ginger! I did a little research and there are different models of the Fold N Go wagon with different price points. I bought mine (the one with rubber wheels) at Costco about four years ago. I’ve never seen the model with the plastic wheels in action, but I highly recommend purchasing the model with the rubber wheels. It’s been a great addition to our arsenal of gear. I hope that helps!

  4. Don’t forget to have a back up diaper/swimsuit if using a reusable swim diaper. If baby goes #2, you’ll have to have a way to clean and/or replace it, like with a cloth diaper. I love them though, saves money on disposable swim diapers. Also, fyi, disposable ones can be reused also as long as they aren’t “dirty”. Just lay them out in the sun to dry and use again (until they start looking worn.)

  5. That wagon looks great, but the reviews differ with your review regarding the wheels. One reviewer said the wheels are not hollow plastic (leaving me to believe they are solid plastic), and another reviewer said the wheels are plastic, not rubber. Did you just get a different model?

  6. I found out I was pregnant right before my husband and I moved to Hawaii and I was not super thrilled about the idea of lugging a baby (and all the gear) to the beach. And that was a bummer because we LOVE the beach. What has come in handy for me is the Bumbo seat! It’s light and easy to wipe off and keeps her safe and secure when she’s not sleeping 🙂

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