Top Picks For The Holidays: From A to Z!

Top Picks For The Holidays: From A to Z!

Call me crazy, but I love giving gifts that start with the same first letter in the name of the person I’m gifting to! So here’s a fun little list of items you can gift this holiday season from A-Z!

Top Picks For The Holidays: From A to Z!A- is for Animals

          Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! My recommendation is a Gund stuffed animal. They’re so soft! Just stay away from the more disturbing ones (I saw one on the TV the other day…it ate a snack…and let’s just say it came out the other end. Yes, disturbing).

B- is for Bathtubs

            The Primo Eurobath is probably the biggest infant-to-toddler bathtub around! You’ll be able to use this for years to come.

            ‘B’ is also for Balls! In my case, something with a ball pit. Just remember multiple balls= possibly finding one in the most random of random places (most recently, in my shoe…).

C- is for Cozy CoupeTop Picks For The Holidays: From A to Z!

          Okay, so the Cozy Coupe may not be for everyone, but it’s a top pick for several parents around me. Your little ones get to “drive” in the car, while the parents steer them with the handle located in the roof of the coupe. When they’re older, remove the floorboard and your kiddo can really drive themselves around!

D- is for Diapers

            What? Diapers?! How is this a top pick??? When I was discussing this article with my friends, one of them mentioned that they knew someone who had twins…and since her twins didn’t understand the meaning behind the presents, she’d buy them things they would use and wrap them up so they could open something, like boxes of diapers! Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program has saved me a TON of money! They didn’t forget about the Cloth Diapering mamas out there either! You can get G-Diaper refills for a GREAT price!

            ‘D’ is also for ‘Dinosaurs’, as in a KidKraft Dino Rocker! Things like these really make me wish they had cool rockers for adults…

E- is for ERGObaby Carrier!Top Picks For The Holidays: From A to Z!

          Sure this could have gone under ‘C’, but, ERGObaby Carriers made the list because when polling several dads, they ALL gravitated towards these as the carrier they wouldn’t mind using (for being the one with the more ‘manly’ selections LOL). I’m especially excited for their partnership with Petunia Picklebottom (as much as I don’t use diaper bags that much, having matchy-matchy items is ALWAYS a plus!). 

F- is for Fushigi

            For some reason, at my favorite electronics store, I ALWAYS see this. And I have no friends whose name starts with “F.” But if I knew of someone who did, I’d totally get this for them!

G- is for Games!

          I usually end up getting or receiving some form of game (board or video that is). These are tried and true presents. Lately, I see a lot of new games popping up! Might be worth a looksie!

            ‘G’ is also for Gift Cards. Yes, I know, some people giving gift cards as a cop-out, BUT, I’d rather receive a gift card, than something not very useful to me or The Bee (it’s the thought that counts right?).

H- is for Halo SleepSacksTop Picks For The Holidays: From A to Z!

 A Halo SleepSack is always a top pick with anyone, but one big complaint was that the smaller versions had no holes for feet just like their bigger kid counterpart. Luckily, Halo Innovations listened and have now come up with the Early Walker SleepSack!

I- is for iPod/iPad/iPhone

          Oddly enough, The Bee can’t get enough out of my iPhone. And the other day, I saw a toddler being entertained by a cartoon on mommy and daddy’s iPad while they were waiting for their food. And surely you would want to download some great kid tunes on your iPod for those long road trips, right?

J- is for Jigsaw Puzzles

These are great for family time and for all ages. Get a simple one to start teaching your little one about puzzles or get one with 4638095673506830 pieces and frame your accomplishment when you’re all done. We like to have a puzzle out on a table for our friends and family when they drop by our house and let them put a couple pieces together to help complete the puzzle. 

K- is for KaraokeTop Picks For The Holidays: From A to Z!

            Karaoke is HUGE in my family. They have these things known as Magic Mics that can play thousands of songs. Support the singing superstar in your life by getting them a karaoke machine for kids!

L- is for Leapfrog

          I love that Leapfrog has toys for all ages. My favorite right now is their My Pal Scout, who can be programmed to say your child’s name. The only problem is, The Bee’s name isn’t in their database (he does have an uncommon name), but you can send a request for the name to be added in their database and at the very least, program Scout to spell your kiddo’s name in one of the songs Scout sings. 

M- is for Melissa and Doug Toys

I love the variety of Melissa and Doug toys. From your standard building blocks and “fill and spill” toys to a whole sushi set, playtime is made fun-er!

N- is for Nerf

I have a confession to make: I LOVE Nerf dart guns. My husband is bald. Nerf guns have suction cups. Suffice to say, hubby hid my Nerf gun.

O- is for Organic

            I’m so glad that there are so many organic/green choices for our babies these days! Especially since The Bee’s skin is rather sensitive. Maybe it’s my mind playing tricks on me, but the organic items that The Bee has are softer and are of higher quality. I can’t go ALL organic, but I try to as much as I can!

Top Picks For The Holidays: From A to Z!P- is for Potties!

            The Primo 4-in-1 Potty that is! This potty will take your child from when you first start training them to when they’re ready to use the ‘big toilet’! It converts conveniently into a step stool and the soft padded seat can be used for travel! Kids will love that it has its own lid, just like mom and dad’s!

            ‘P’ is also for “Playsets!” Whether you choose a small playset to inspire imaginations or an outdoor swing/slide/climbing/sliding/etc. playset, these are tried and true hits for any time of year!

Q- is for QuirkyTop Picks For The Holidays: From A to Z!

          I’ll be the first to admit I’m an oddball. My pick this year for where to buy quirky gifts come from Knock Knock. My personal favorite? Parenting Flashcards!

R- is for Ride-on!

          These are total blasts from my childhood! Battery powered cars, Jeeps, quads, trains and more; you name it, I loved it! Funny enough, some of them are rated from 12 months and up, so guess what one of The Bee’s 1st birthday present was? He understands how to ride it…kinda. Sorta. I mean, he can get on and press the button to move his quad…except he rides it backwards. So, you might want to save these for when your kiddo’s a tad older.

S- is for StrollersTop Picks For The Holidays: From A to Z!

          I know, we all have our favorites…and strollerholics like myself would love nothing more to see another stroller underneath their tree :). If you’re tired of seeing strollers occupying every corner of the house however, why not gift stroller accessories? And while I’m at it, hey Santa! This mama would LOVE a Joovy Cocoon :).

T- is for Tunnels!

          This was The Bee’s grandma’s choice for him this year. I told her as long as I don’t have to try to crawl through one or try to rescue him, I wouldn’t mind having a few around the house. But just in case, I suppose I could lure him out with some carefully placed Cheerios right outside the tunnel’s entrance, right?        

U- is for Umbrellas from Shady Baby

          Okay so “technically” they’re called stroller parasols, but work with me here! One big complaint about strollers that the hoods don’t completely cover their child so more often than not, kiddos get the sun in their eyes so parents are forced to cover the stroller (and the kiddo’s view) with a blanket (unless you have a reversible stroller that is). Stroller parasols eliminate the need to cover strollers in a blanket because they can clip to the stroller and the angle can be adjusted to block the sun! Plus, they are so cute!

V- is for Video

            The Flip cameras are very popular, being that they’re the size of a cell phone and give you the ability to capture life’s moments anytime, anywhere! But, considering the category of ‘video’, you also have to include video monitors or a video camera especially for kids!

W- is for Wagon

            Wagons are perfect for outdoor jaunts to the park, your local swap meet, etc. What is great about a wagon is that it provides a portable space for your kiddo to play, move around and see the world around them…although I’d save a wagon ride for once they understand to stay IN the wagonTop Picks For The Holidays: From A to Z!

X- is for X-box Kinect

          Gone are the days of holding a remote in your hand. With the X-box Kinect, YOU are the controller!

Y- is for YOU!

            Parents: Let’s chat for a second. You need some “you” time. My husband and I long agreed that we needed at least one day a month where we’d go out separately and do things for ourselves. With that being said, why not take a ‘Y’oga class? Grab some ‘y’akitori? Buy something new for the ‘y’ard? ‘Y’oldeling? I see you ‘y’awning. Trust me, it’s a gift in itself!

Z- is for Zoo!

          Have a local zoo or is there one relatively close by? Why not take your kids out for a special ‘safari’?! You could gift them with a book featuring a variety of animals in addition to the tickets.

Contributed by Ann

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