Top Picks for the Manly Man in Your Life

My brother is a Manly Man. He’s in the Air Force. He likes to build stuff. He plays poker and enjoys the outdoors. He’s totally into Man Stuff. Sometimes I look at him and feel like he is a creature from another planet.

I don’t know what to get him for Christmas.

Well, I’ve searched high and low and I think I have found some really awesome gift ideas for him. Sure I like gifts that are a little different and a little artsy, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t know good Man Stuff when I see it.

Here are my top picks for the Manly Man in your life:

 Gladiator Two Disc Collector’s Edition (this truly a must-have in any Manly Man’s DVD collection)- $27.99

Whiskey Stones & Gift Set from Uncommon Goods (if you think drinking straight whiskey can’t get any manlier, it can)- $19.50- $28.00

Leatherman Multi Tool with Case (way manlier than your standard pocket knife)- $63

Large Satchel in Tobacco from The Saddleback Leather Company (the manliest man-purse money can buy)- $335.00

3 Piece Safety Razor Set by Rooney (only a Manly Man shaves just like his great-grandfather did) -$194.99

Leather Shoe Shine Travel Kit from Amazon (for the on-the-go Manly Man)- $35.25

Plaid Flannel Robe from Ralph Lauren (for lounging like a Manly Man)- $49.50

As a Gentleman Would Say  (the perfect words for the manliest of moments)- $10.19

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