Totally Awesome Beachwear Ideas for Little Dudes

Girls are fun to dress, yes. But from my vantage point as a girl mom, I imagine that if I did have boys, I’d have a lot of fun in dressing them, too, just because I like fashion and small clothes and being someone’s personal stylist (without getting paid for it or having to deal with (threatening) protests from my clients).

So, it’s summer. You have boys and are looking for fun ways to dress them up, huh? Well, look no further. Here’s a summer look, perfect for the beach, for your little dude that will be sure to turn heads (in a good way).

Okay, so, let’s begin with some accessories, shall we? Who said that only girls can have fun with accessorizing at the beach? Who? From hats to shades, the possibilities are endless.

Photo Credit: San Diego Hat Co.

When it comes to hats, have fun. While funky colors are great, neutrals and solid muted tones are also fun and go great with almost anything. I love this Fedora hat by San Diego Hat Co. because it looks so cool. That, plus the colors are neutral and perfect for sunny weather. ($42;

Photo Credit: Target

Along with the hat, or, in place of the hat, get your little dude some shades.  These Rayban knock-offs are made by Target ($5.99,

Photo Credit: Joe Fresh

Oh, and the trunks. In the event that your little dude decides to go for a swim, you’ll definitely need some swim trunks. When looking for a pair of trunks, look for bold patterns and nice designs. I adore these Twill Shorts by Joe Fresh because the colors of the trunks could pair well with so many tops. Oh, and the $14 price tag can’t hurt. ($14,

Photo Credit: Mini and Maximus

Your little guy will need some graphic tees and tanks. This sleeveless hoodie could work for a girl or boy or mom who wants to feel young again with a oh, so chic Future is Mine sleeveless sweatshirt made by Mini and Maximus. ($42,

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Photo Credit: Nordstrom

I like canvas slip-ons in the summer months for girls and boys just because they do such a great job at keeping children’s feet cool and providing enough coverage for, sometimes, rough play. This Trippy Slippy sneaker by Morgan & Milo is one of my favorites because it has such a fun and colorful print. ($40.95;

Whatever you do for your little dude’s fashion at the beach, have fun! Think outside of the box and don’t be afraid to experiment with color!



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The Joe Fresh shorts are intriguing me. Are they available in the states because I thought Joe Fresh is only a Canadian product. Unless I’m completely off my rocker and this entire blog is based in Canada.