Toys That Boys Want Too!

Toys That Boys Want Too!

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I am so sick of hearing the question “Don’t you worry about that making your son girly?” The answer is NO. No matter what he plays with, it will always be no. No, I don’t care that people think it’s weird that I let my son play with my old Beauty and The Beast puppets, I don’t care that you think letting my son wear my high heel shoes around the house will somehow scar him. The truth is, by letting our sons play with those “gender specific” toys, we’re letting them explore the world and experiment with whatever they’re curious about.

Don’t we want our sons to learn to cook, clean, and take care of a baby too? I know that toy companies are working on this issue for both genders, but in the meantime, here are the toys that are on my son’s Christmas list, because boys like these toys too!


Stroller: Could manufacturers STOP aiming these just towards girls? I want them to know that boys like strollers too and that there is a market out there for them. Don’t we want our sons to be good fathers one day?!


Kitchen Set: Have a little one who loves “helping” in the kitchen? Or even just one who loves to open and shut things? So, why not get him his own pretend kitchen set! Yesterday, Hollie showed you her little boy reviewing the Step2 Mixin Up Magic Kitchen, which he LOVES, and we know that play kitchens are a huge hit with boys. And who knows? One day our sons could be famous chefs!


Vacuum with Real Suction: Encouraging your son’s cleaning habits? Yes please, can’t start that early enough!

washer dryer

Pretend Washer & Dryer: Laundry. I detest laundry. I frequently go on laundry strike. If I can teach my boys at a young age that at least washing and drying is fun, maybe when he’s older he won’t think of it as such a burden and expect his wife to do it (AHEM HUSBANDS EVERYWHERE!).


Baby Doll: This is not a new thing for boys. In fact, when we told his pediatrician we were expecting baby number 2, he told us to get him a doll. He said it didn’t have to be a baby doll- it could be any kind of stuffed animal, but that he would be copying me, and would want a “baby” of his own. This son is much more interested in a realistic looking doll rather than a stuffed animal. Not to mention, this makes great practice on how to treat babies, younger siblings. The link shows a boy doll, and that’s only because we have a baby brother, but it available in a girl version too. We love the pacifier attachment!

Now, if only we could get a standard set for all toys to be neutral colored so there wasn’t such a “girl’s toys” and “boy’s toys” section…

What toys are on your children’s Christmas lists that are “gender based?” Comment below!


  1. The little man of the house will get his first vacuum this year! He will probably still keep riding my canister like a horse and try to step on the sweepers’ light when I push it but now he can listen to the sound and watch the whirling motion in his when ever he wants to! He can keep it next to his kitchen set and pink stroller but since the stroller is already wore out that will be a birthday gift in January! He will make a great husband someday!!

    • Hahaha I’d love to see a picture of him riding the vacuum! Agreed, he will definitely make some lucky lady very happy one day!


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