Training In Progress

Training In Progress

Undergarments are a very common Valentine’s Day gift for the love of your life.  I just hadn’t expected to be purchasing tighty whities for my two year old.  Before you get your panties in a bunch, I can explain.

I’ve been dreading the whole potty training process until I spotted these!

Although they better not encourage my son to make any ads like David Beckham did for H&M.

At home, I googled the label and learned that these training pants are available on amazon at Empress Arts “Training in Progress” Childrens Training Underwear Large for the same $5.95 price I paid at a boutique (plus shipping)

I did the legwork on finding these, so in exchange any potty training tips you have would be most appreciated.


  1. I looked the panties up on amazon but cannot figure out whether the underwear come in a pack or just one at a time. I was also wondering what makes them better than other underwear that is sold.

  2. three tips from my experience:
    – lock you and your toddler in a room together during the first few days.
    – give them lots to drink (for my little girl, it was chocolate milk as an incentive).
    – watch and wait.
    the biggest thing i had to learn (and keep learning) is that progress in these kind of things is hardly linear… good luck!

  3. My only piece of potty-training advice is…make sure your child is ready. It is the difference between the process taking 3 days and 6 months!!! LOVE the underwear 🙂


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