Trendy International Kids Clothing Lines

I have recently discovered the awesomeness that is international kids clothing lines. Now, let me first say that I buy from small businesses 95% of the time, and about all of those are places are right here in the USA. But recently I have discovered some international brands that are just too good not to share. So we’ve rounded up some trendy and unique international kids clothing lines that ship worldwide, and have even included some online USA boutiques that carry these lines to save you on shipping!

Photo Source: Beau Loves, Mini Rodini, Rita and Wolf, Mar Mar Copenhagen

Thief And Bandit. My son lives in these leggings and gets compliments like you wouldn’t believe, so I would say they’re the best dang leggings you will ever find! They’re handmade and so unique. This shop is run by a mom so it isn’t a big chain place- you’re supporting her and her family.

Beau Loves. So many times tees are so thin and feel like they won’t last long. Not these! Their tees are the best I’ve ever seen because they are thicker and made so, so well. Besides tops, they also make really trendy bottoms, sweatshirts, and accessories, too! Their spring line is full of mints, lavenders, and super trendy prints you’ll adore.

Beau Hudson. Amazing pieces at bargain prices! This shop is Australian based but offers worldwide shipping just like all the other brands listed here. They’ve got stylish cardigans that come in really fun colors, bandanas, and lots more items that are hard to come by.

Bobo Choses. Here’s a great splurge shop. This line is a little pricey, but well worth the money because their items are gorgeous and unique!

Mini Rodini. I love this fun and funky brand and dress my son in it often. Take a peek at their current line, especially all of the tees with animal prints on them!

Mar Mar Copenhagen. This brand has several collections and is featured in kids’ fashion magazines often. They make stylish clothes for both boys and girls!

Studio Bundis. A trendy international clothing line straight from Sweden that is full of organic leggings, scarves, and other items that will last. You’ll be proud to dress your children in this affordable label and they will love wearing it! This is another small business, which is a bonus!

Wolf And Rita. This company is based out of Portugal and was created to offer parents a classy, modern choice when it comes to dressing their children. Their shirts are totally one of a kind!

You can order directly from any of the above companies and sometimes that’s the easiest way for people to go but other times international shipping can really be a killer. Some places will charge a minimum of $20 to ship which is pretty steep if you ask me! So, these three online shops are based in the USA, have amazing customer service, and ship very quickly! Check them out.

little z kids
Photo Source: Little Z Kids

Little Z Kids¬†– The shipping here is crazy fast, as in, you’ll have your order within three days. Plus, shipping is FREE and there’s no minimum purchase. That really beats the international shipping. One of my favorite things about this shop is that they only list IN STOCK items and they really keep up with their inventory. So many times I’ve tried to order from shops, paid, only to find out weeks later that the items I ordered weren’t even in stock. Little Z Kids has a great selection of Beau Loves and Mini Rodini items and their customer service is brilliant. I highly recommend getting your awesome international clothing line items here!

chicky pop shop
Photo Source: Chicky Pop Shop

Chicky Pop Shop. Chicky Pop Shop carries TONS of international clothing line brands. They probably have one of the best selections available. They usually get all of their items in as soon as they are released too so you wont have to do any waiting. This is another shop with great and attentive customer service too!

mini joops
Photo Source: Mini Joops

Mini Joops. Mini Joops carries many of the brands listed above, they answer questions and emails almost instantly, and they also offer a rewards program so if you shop a lot you can accumulate points and get discounts! Be sure to always check their sale page because they offer last season clothing at a great markdown!

Do you have a favorite international clothing brand to add to the list? Be sure to leave us a comment below! Happy shopping!