Trust Me, “Psychobaby” is a Very Good Thing

Trust Me, “Psychobaby” is a Very Good Thing

Aside from us both being moms, I don’t have much in common with Tori Spelling. I am so happy that I read one of her online interviews where she revealed that Psychobaby is one of her favorite shopping sites.

Psychobaby, your one-stop shop for cool, crazy kids’ stuff , was started by two urban moms, Lisa and Marlo, in 2003, in the midst of the joyous chaos that is Motherhood. Psychobaby carries cool clothes, shoes, toys, books and gifts for babies, toddlers, and big kids! All their fashionable selections work as outstanding, stand-alone pieces, or together in cool combos for gifts that’ll bring the wow factor. Every choice they make is inspired by the funniest, smartest and funkiest irreverent folks we know— kids! It is their honesty and self-expressive style (along with cool feedback from parents, aunties, uncles and grandparents) that guides us along all of our new endeavors.

As parents, they were constantly running from place to place for their kids (you know the drill!) and they wanted to create a shopping experience that would be comfy and fun for kids and adults alike, and that had all the ‘cool’ stuff for whatever baby or big kid you were shopping for on any occasion. If you say “I’d wear it!” or “I am so keeping this gift and playing with it myself!” then they were satisfied that they had successfully accomplished their goal. They thrive on doing all that gathering “ leg work” for you, so you can sit back and have fun shopping around!

In 2005, Lisa and Marlo took it nationwide with making all of their cool, crazy kids’ stuff wrapped and ready, and only a click away for everyone, even during those midnight feedings. They offer extra bonuses for being savvy on the interwebs, like: their Email Club where you can find out the scoop, and a rockin’ online community of cool, crazy parents on their facebook fan page where they run contests, talk fashion and share the fun.

Top selling brands include Appaman, Okutani, Me in Mind, Rockabye Baby, Rowdy Sprout, Sourpuss, and Vans. You can easily shop by age and/or lots of other categories. You’ll find your favorite baby and kids’ designers and brands all grouped together by style so you can see all of your options. Discover hip clothes for boys and girls, cool tees for baby and kids, and funky shoes for the whole family’s tootsies. Then check out unique baby and kids toys, and a vast selection of cool books and cd’s to inspire lil ones.  Don’t miss the accessories for kids’ bling and jewelry, cool diaper bags, funny pacifiers, burp cloths, cozy blankets, hip wall art and other fun stuff that’ll match your rock n roll lifestyle and make cool great gifts. Popular trends include flames, rock & roll and sports.

I will warn you that some of their merchandise is on the pricier side. I am a big fan of their email club and generally wait until an item I am eyeing goes on sale. I have scored some fabulous t-shirts for as low as $5.00.

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Lainie Gutterman - Before giving birth to her son in 2009 and becoming a stay-at-home mom, Lainie was a founding partner of a Public Relations firm. Lainie describes herself as "a natural born publicist who is constantly spreading the word about new products, activities and events." When Lainie is not chasing after her son or they are not watching Nick Jr or reading together, she scrapbooks and writes posts for her blog, "Me, Myself & Baby I" at Lainie and her family live in New York City, where she sacrifices living space (but not style) to be in the center of it all in "the city that never sleeps." (Fortunately, her toddler is a sound sleeper who doesn't rise until after 9am, on most days.)


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